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Knightowl - Representin' текст песни

feat. Robert Flores

Once again Knightowl's back
Representing that 619 baby
It's all about that 1904
You know what I'm saying
Got my boy VMF in the house
Doing them tracks like nobody else can
So peep game and check out the flow

Who's that looking through my window
I gotta smoke that ass like some indo, money green like fasindo
My pockets the keep bulging as I'm indulding
These thoughts in the mind, I represent the 619 baby
I remember when they used to talk about me
They said I wouldn't make it but the Knightowl's here to take it
Cuz I want it, I gotta get it, so now I got it
My wings have expanded, now my music they demand it
I heard about some fools they was hating
They wanna get me but can not hit me, I'm too sly for the human eye
My music it gets around just like your daughter
My lyrics flow just like a faucet with leaky water
Will I be the first to go platinum, the first Chicano
To sell a million even though I'd like a billion
But reality steps in, radio doesn't show the Brown love
Come throw them hands up when they bump me at a club

I represent the city of the 619
Much love to them dogs that I hang with
I represent the city of the 619
Where them girls got booty looking fine
I represent the city of the 619
Where them hotties like to show off them bodies
I represent the city of the 619
Now let me see you shake it all and take it off

When I'm around people talk and say that I'm the man
And when I'm not you know you got a different plan
Behind my back you say that I'm no damn good
But I'm the one you bump hitting switches when you're drunk
You got that '64 on some gold Daytonas
Three wheel motion as you dip around the corner
But you know damn well fools like you show and tell
Learn to keep quiet unless you want a riot
Never bite more than you can chew
You better keep your mouth closed, learn a lesson and stop messing
Life itself about to get complicated
You got faded, you ran your lips and player hated
Fool you might be the next idiot up in the river
With bullet holes that ran right through your liver
You best take a good look in the mirror
And stop trying to be like me, you're not a G


Hit the streets, another day in sunny California
Where all the real G's be known to lay it on ya
Don't try to play the row and act like it's a movie
Cuz I'm the one that's always gonna shine like a ruby
Got my boys, they love to bring the noise
If any tried to fight me, then a battle might excite me
It doesn't really matter if you like what I be doing
Bumping all the music that I spit, who you be fooling
You're superficial like pains, stop trying to be what you ain't
You got a personality that flips like a coin
It's a shame a lot of men they gotta act like women
They try to be but they will never be, they're phone
I'm sick like that and you be wack like that
And as a matter of fact you talk smack, but where you at
Learn before you become another mystery
The Knightowl about to go down in history

[Chorus till fade]

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