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Knightowl - Te Lokest текст песни

I'd like to dedicate this jam
To all you bunch of fuckin bitches
That have tried disrespecting me in the past
You bunch of fuckin cowards
Step up to the mothafuckin man
And say some shit to my face
I'll put all you mothafuckas in your place
Cause The Knightowl isn't fuckin playing around

You had a choice mothafucka
Death is just around the corner
You best not ever try
Unless that ass wants to die
Crime in the city it be at an all time high
Spirts fly as I'm lighting up the fuckin skies
This rap is dedicated to all you punk bitches
That went to my pad
You fucked up and got me mad
Don't think that just cause I live in the wrong part of town
I'm not gonna hold me shit down
You wanna battle, you wanna fight
And mess with "The Knight"
Mothafuckas you ain't doin shit right
How would you like it if I paid that ass a visit
And shoot you as you open up the door and say "Who is it"
Think about it now do you wanna get physical
I'll bust on that ass make you a thing of the past
I don't give a fuck about nothing no more
It's time to ride when you mess with
"The Lokest" it's suicide

Mess with the lokest mothafuckin G
And that ass will become another tradgey
So let's not mess around with my mothafuckin town
Or get your mothafuckin ass beat down mothafucka
[Repeat 2]

Stay true in this mothafuckin game
Or I'ma give that ass pain
It's not gueda I'll put the chrome to your dome
Witness your own fuckin death as you run out of breathe
You start to yell like a bitch you's a snitch
Run to the cops fuck you and your pops
You son, little sister, your brother and your mother
Fool's breakin windows they don't want me to see them
They know that if I catch from the throat I'm gonna snatch
You messed with the bird now that ass drops like terd
Fool haven't you heard that I'ma mothafuckin killer
The craziest fool in the city of the bald and the wicked
I kick it with the felons and crack villains
Now what the fuck you gonna do the day I grab you
You know I'ma stab you cause you don't deserve to live
So die mothafucka, cry mothafucka
You's a dead fuckin bitch now you're food for the fish


So grab a fuckin pistol
Let's take this shit back to the days of insanity
Evil's what they granted
Day that I was born
I feel just like "Children of The Korn"
I'm the one dressed in blue with the fuckin horns
You wanted problems but now you got frightened
Cause you see that fuckin with me becomes a tradgey
Them mothafucks you dun got me started
You acted like you was tough
But it was all a bluff
Why play the game if you can't handle
A bald headed vandle
You know I'm the type to bring a scandle
I never leave my home with a cuete
To me that's a huegete
I'm ready to go blastin orda swuete
Levas that live around the block
Can't suck a fat cock
Mess around and become the next that I drop
You oughta know that fuckin with me
Was the wrong thing to do
The Knightowl represents the fuckin W

[Knightowl: Talkin]
That's right mothafucka
Now before I step the fuck off the mic
I'ma let you know one thing
All you mothafuckas
That have done me wrong in the past
Are gonna fuckin die
Watch you back
Cause I'ma crack your fuckin dome
And seperate you from your home


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