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Knightowl - Victim of a Homicide текст песни

[Knightowl: Talkin]
I would like to dedicate this jam
To all those punk bitches
Talkin all that smack behind my back
All them fools that roam the streets
Of that wicked 2320, much love
Cause it's all about that crazy mob

I'll put that clip inside your mtohafuckin dome
And seperate you from you home
Come talk that shit when you's alone you little bicth
You ain't about a God damn thing so let's talk about us to
Mothafuckas that want some
Come and get some cause I got plenty
MC wanna battle but I got to let them know
That I be control this situation
Cause I be the bald head fool rockin the mothafuckin nation
Lyrical maddness comin out of this heart full of badness
Now do those mothafuckas that don't like me
Come and fight me
I ain't stupid when you got a gun actin like cupid
Hand all inside your fuckin waist band
Actin like you's a fuckin big man
You ain't got shit on the lokest of them all
This vato don't give a fuck
So if you keep messin around
Then you's who got's to get stuck
Knightowl be that fool that is insane
In the mothafuckin brain
And I still remain the number one seed
Indeed I got to make you bleed
I hope that ass is ready
Cause you's about to get in trouble
I'm sorry mothafucka
But you ain't gonna live to see tomorrow
You fuckin puto

[Chorus: Knightowl]
Who wants to test this this insane mothafucka then die
You'll be another victim of a homicide
Run like bicthes snitches all belong in ditches
I'll rape your mothafuckin mind
And take all your mothafuckin riches

It's time for me to wipe out fools off this mothafuckin map
Your dumbass insisted so your fuckin face got twisted
You be talkin shit like blow fly
That ass is fake like RuPual
Step to me I'll kick you in the groin
Then it's becomes time for me to play football
I'll dig a hole and make you a victim like Nicole
Shut that ass like Versaci
You fuck up punk bitch and I think you're a faggot Liberac
Go suck a dick like Rod Stewert
Before I BUCK you like Rogers
The Knightowl's always dressed in blue
Like the mothafuckin Dogders
I'm bald like Mr. Clean
And I got a big fat ding-a-ling
I'll bruise that ass like Lee and make you RUN like DMC
I'm untouchable a like Elliot's Nest
(?) like Al Capone
I gots a rim some fuckin locs
And a brand new back of fuckin smokes
A bottle of Budweiser to keep the mind tickin like a bomb
You ain't nothin but a wanna be thug
And I read that ass just like a fuckin palm
So sit like a dog and don't bark
Around here shit get's crazy after dark
I'll strangle that ass then kick and get high at Amichi Park


Now it's time for you to die
The Devil's cursed me beyond possed
All those that oppose get cut
I'm sick
Ya'll can't fade this lok out kinda of shit
I'm too fuckin violent
Fuck that fool that tried to get sick
Go swallow a fat fuckin dick
I'll slice your neck with a fuckin blade
Now don't you mess with this lyrical renegade
Or get stomped on locked on by the pitbull inside of soul
Capitivated by demons but never been underestimated
The Devil himself knows I'll put a tag on his fuckin toes
The Knightowl's too fuckin swift
I'm gifted like a spirt I've been lifted
Out this pack of rappers
My lyrics are too fuckin dope they smoke
Hit that ass like a fuckin bong
Your bitch is about to get taxed like Uncle Sam
I am the man that will give her plenty dick
And that's for any mothafuckin chicks that'll trip
Nobody in the San Diego can do the shit that I do
For that matter nobody on the face of this earth
Can compete this bald headed fool's packin heat
Alot of mothafuckas try to send like me as I think back
What's the matter can't they think of their own mothafuckin style
Those fools be fuckin whack
Knightowl's the one who started all this fuckin bull shit
So fuck all you mothafuckas that bite
You'll never be able to mess with all the shit that I write


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