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Knightowl - Why Would You текст песни

feat. Mr. Shadow

[Mr. Shadow]
I'm navigatin allah high
Alleviation 4:20
with this natural high canibus
nothing I do is petty
now let me break it down one time
you better think twice about trying
to fuck with mine
you cross the line I pull the fire
divin out the barrel
fuck with Mr. Shadow and I'm colder than
a piece of metal one man battaliate writing on you gaffes
you might be able to see me but you
bitches can't touch me
It was me and Knightowl prowling through your secta
you wanna be us ain't no motherfuckin heart to disrespect us
or test us never the less approach us
find me down in wab town by the har smoking roaches
now what up

[Chorus x4]
Why would you want to come and fuck with me

Omigi Park where it be crazy at the dark
The place where bullets fly and lots of motherfuckers die
No need to panic if you don't bang no need to sweat it
Go ahead and walk on through just let em' know the Knightowl said it
But if you pose and never disrespect us
You'll be the next that's had em'
In a mess with lead inside your chest
I never meet a fool that had the courage
that had the fuckin balls but if I do than he falls
Life is not a toy and this rap game is getting violent
I'm still the one that's winnin so I'm still the one that's smillin
Go ahead and make the move I'll turn that ass to ashes
Flashes when your life goes by
We walk up we don't drive by


[Mr. Shadow]
Now before I evacuate Let me assassinate the microphone
And crush these fuckin haters like their styrophone
This is the battle zone home to all ridas down to die any day
You doubt us come and try us
You could walk right by us and feel what's gonna to happen
From the stabbin to the jakin bone krackin to they head snappin
Killa actions subtractin motherfuckers from your block
If you choose to be a hater than you need the glock

Your stranded, lucky me look where you landed
On the wrong fuckin side now should I let you stay alive
Would you do the same for me If I was to let you breath
I don't think so now I think you'll be the next that won't receive
A bury celebration don't think assassination I do not give a shit homes
This be your termination
So fuck you and your homies if you claim old thee S.D
I'm bangin' on you bitches best be all W.E.T

[Chorus x2]

[Knightowl x2]
You don't even know me
And you're not my fuckin homie
You don't even know me
And you's a motherfuckin fonie

Omigi Park Crazy Fo Life

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