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Knightowl - You Don't Know Me

feat. Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow

Mr. Lil One, Shadow and the motherfucker Knightowl
Stupid bitch



[Mr. Shadow]
I pimp you bitch with the twiling of the night
after the show I got your ho doing things I like
Between time be tweet ship now you see
You got to fuck the whole clip
if you wanna fuck me I can used you
but I don't need you. Shawn got mouth
I got dick to feed you - you told you friends
but you know they don't believe you
we were never together so I never leave you
and you have a friends that is down to do all
bring the bitch, wanna her lick ball
call thighs I see groupies, you must wanna fuck if
you got a number to shoot me
it could be love a first sight for you
But not for me, you dam bitch I put the it the w
I here to follow you, and get you wet
you got to swallow and what you see is want you get

[Mr. Lil One]
Come swallow this G's in your mouth bitch
Lil uno and shadow and the owl bitch
Quit laying in yourself and I crossed you there
Straight kep, whenever you wish. Me take you there
I'm the one really knows. About this hoes in the raid
nick bag bitch back in the day, she said she loves me
well I love her too
And I bet you lil ass got dick for you
straight calling me daily lil uno baby
hoes in the back said they wanna be my lady
no never bitch keep walking
sicko with the sawer off and we night staker
thanks for the blame, and the game come easy
But she show us your lil breezy, I stay sicko
Hell yea. Feel good lil uno come to fuck any bitch
in your hood

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