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Kno - Death Is Silent текст песни

Death is silent
It hides high in the night's confinement
Vile and violent
Minding a time to try us
And remind us
That we cry when time is denied us
To incite this
Fear of death inside us

Death is spineless
It will find men that you confide in
And confine them in asylum
Make those that you dine with and reside with
The same lives that you will pine for in silence

Death is mindless
Nevermind the genotype or phylum
It's designed to find and defile us
From afar, Senegal to Riker's Island
Deaths not confined to latitude lines or mileage

Death is timeless
There's no sense to fight with
The violent nihilist
Binding the eyes of the lifeless
But such that life is aligned with
Death's assignment
Don't let it define you, you define it

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