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Kno - Loneliness

feat. Nemo Achida & Deacon the Villain

[Verse 1: Kno]
Damsel in distress, her mind tied to that one track
Urged to do dirt, I just twirl on my moustache
When she spurns her curves on herbs that bust fast
All that does is just earn her a bus pass
Uh, And now she close to graduating
But her imagination makes it hard for her to fake it
Misused, her issues are periodical
Flips through the pictures and ignores the articles
Nothing matters, she ignores her particles
To better barter with grown folks prone to arguments
The best economists admonish her investment
Thoughts are consumed while her dreams are digested
So her heart of gold keep it in mine/mind
Her folks are coked up but she keep 'em in line
Her hopes are yolked up but she'll free 'em in time
Let's hope she grows up, freedom of mind
From loneliness

[Hook: Deacon the Villain]
Close your eyes, try to dream
She done seen 'bout everything
Though she tries, so it seems
She done seen 'bout everything
Seen some highs, know the lows
She done see 'bout everything
But when she goes, don't you know
She'll be free from everything

[Verse 2: Nemo Achida]
With a mind that's as dark as her flesh
More weight than just the dreads that's on top of her head
Ice cold eyes hide behind that scarf
And you think it's a style until she unveils in front of the crowd
And they all scream "Perish Marie!? "
And she looked at me
And the power knocked me down to her feet
How could it be?
A peasant staring dead at a king
It must be the weed, she start to take the shape of a Queen
I'm like, "Who are you and what are you capable of? "
She said, "You were patiently waiting, your unbreakable love
Now embrace it with hugs and kisses, desserts and and riches
Give thanks - you've married your competition"
I'm like, "I see no ring" but that's not how she legalize
Instead she made me take the prize between her thighs
And in her thirty minute reign she made my kingdom rise
She screamed "Kingdom Come! "
Until the morning sun
Wake up world

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