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Knoc-Turn'al - Watch Out

feat. Hittman

All my Cali motherfuckers wave your hands like so
And all you bitches getting pimped give your man that dough
Yeah I walk with a limp cause my dick's in the way
They say I talk like a pimp but I'm a M.A.C.K
What's the difference?
Both of you exploit women for cash
Exactly, but a poor pimp would sell his own ass
I never learnt to sip, man I dropped out that class
You better smoke your hemp through an oxygen mask
Before you come over here fucking my high up
Interrupting your bitch while she licking up my nuts
I used three condoms but she let me get five fucks
Knoc-Turn'al got her stuck with her hands and feet tied up, huh

When dusk kicks and I reach the club it gets exquisite
Not even giving a fuck about your bitch
Or which bitch she rolling with
It's nothing here
Four or five dicks gon' spit
And both of us gon' rub on her ass and tits
She mixing up my nut in her mouth with spit
It's obvious she's in love with a mack with a big dick
I'm involved with a big clit
My music's the deal-o, nympho
And she's in love with it

[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]
Watch out
All these scandalous hoes in L.A
Got me rolling with my glock out
Swing by pick up my dough and then clock out
I'm out
To fuck hoes every day

I fuck 'em in thier house, man
I fuck 'em in thier jeep
I fuck 'em when they woke, man
I fuck 'em when they sleep
I fuck 'em in the throat
Hey man that's fucking deep
Like bitches that want to smoke and bitches that like to joke
Come into my house broke looking for something to eat
Beat it
From my wizard you get deleted
No more visits you bitch, I mean it
No hoe, no cry, oh, here's a Kleenex
Here's a penis
Kiss it French or English
They say Hit's conceited, nah, Hit's connected
Caramel complected
College bitches get necked
Jailed niggaz respected
Big Hit be keeping it West-ing

[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]
Watch out
All these scandalous hoes in L.A
Got me rolling with my glock out
Swing by pick up my dough and then clock out
Then I'm out
To fuck hoes every day

[Knoc-Turn'al and Hittman]
[K:] I'm down
[H:] For thugs and prissy bitches
[K:] Got love
[H:] For anybody getting riches
[K:] I feel
[H:] Like me and Knoc the next niggaz
[K:] At shows
[H:] We make about eight figures

Why not clown, get down, spit rounds
Lounge with bad bitches blazing an ounce
We out on the town with a whole crew passing, dick out (dick out)
We go up to you, him and you
Fuck your whole crew, we mash regardless
Hittman heard me and you, that's it man
On a late night rendezvous dance
I'm about to blow out my pants
Matter of fact we're up under the club's heat lamp
Drink that and we about to be out
We 2 or 3 minutes from my house
Which means I'm 5 or 6 minutes from dicking you out
Single hoes look at your bitch and your spouse
L.A. criminal

In and out with a smile before I spout

For the meanwhile Knoc and Hit's dick is all in your mouth

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