Kollosus Settin' Standards текст песни, слова песни Settin' Standards Kollosus & Gucci Mane

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Kollosus - Settin' Standards текст песни

feat. Gucci Mane

[Verse 1:]
I'm inna vet, yellow vet, yellow vet I parked da fence
Gucci mane laflare so much money dat I can buy a friend
Cedes benz s-classy bitch e-class 615 ya trick
Roll with my exotic bitch sittin on sum expensive rims
Dey sho is dey cost a mill, dey diamond out das what it is
Dey diamond out das what is is, dey diamond out dey cost a mill
And who are you? what it do I have no clue bitch who are you?
I have no glue bitch who are you now what it do bitch whu are you?
So icey baby, nike baby, air max cost $190 baby
Nike game so crazy baby east atlanta moreland baby
Lamborgini marcelago call dat bitch his foxy lady
Foxy lady lamborgini marcelago gucci crazy
My 90 80 roller skating sum say that I'm roller blading
Ice skating I'm still blazing more ice denna hockey game
No grady baby crazy baby sum think I'm a 80's baby
Born 1 19 80 ya bitch and got mo money den ya daddy
Yea ya daddy, yea ya pappy
Caddy like my daddy's daddy, caddy like my daddy's pappy
I'm ya mammy's baby daddy, make ya daddy slap ya mammy
If ya owe me 50 whammies make ya daddy slap ya mammy

[Hook: Kollosuss]
Hoe we settin standards, puts in da hamper
Swaggin on deez niggaz posted up in east atlanta
My nigga gucci grabb em, cramp em inna magnum
If u need one holla at kollosus he can hav'em

[Verse 2: Kollosus]
Half of my product u can get it if u need dat
If I feel dat u flugazey goonie knock yo sleeve back, believe
Zone 6 key black, don't giva fuck bout beef I'll leave hangin onna meat rack
Betta hold yo seat back I'm headin 2 da top dey caint move me
Me and mr perfect and a couple cute groupies
Rollin up a bleezy we don't wanna hit yo doobey
Stanken up dat loud in dat 08' dooley
Like who is flashin sho groovey
Dem hoez be chewy chewy, screamin dey gon do me
But me I keep it cooley, low key truely
Blowin on dat guey witta snub nosed tooley


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