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Kook Up Gang - Roc Star

Twinkle, twinkle little star
And how I wonder what you are
And up above the world so high
And I'm like a diamond in the sky
And you think you balling
You think you on a role
Well we roc stars
And we rollin, yea"

[Chorus: x2]
I feel like money, I feel like money
I feel like money, I feel like money
Catch me, catch me on the block, I'm posted on the block
Them haters gonna jock at the women like ahhh

[Verse 1:]
You see this wrist
Let me remind ya bitch
On the other side
It might blind ya bitch
Am I a rollin stone
Or a roc star
What best describes me bitch I'm a star
My necklace, yea
It's reckless, yea
When I put it on I'm neckless yea
My pinky ring makes my pinky bling
My pinky blings from my pinky ring
I'm crazy ain't I
I admit I'm crazy
Mouth full of gold
I got rabies
And you wonder why I party like a roc star
What you expect cause I party like a roc star
I take my shirt off in the hood them niggaz feel my pain
I rocked them shows we did I thing them groupies flood the stage
I feel like money, money, money, muthafucka
We getting money, money, money muthafucka

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm talkin big bucks (bucks)
Everytime that I'm flossin (true talk)
Do what I like deez haterz mad that I'm bossin (I'm bossin man)
I can rock in any hood (hood)
Slide through is sum foreign (hear that)
You better cough your chick dog lifestyle is boring (ok)
And I'm ballin (ballin) what the hell did you expect (expect)
I feel like money I'm a get it to my death (until I die)
Kook Up Gang getting money who cares about your threats (not at all)
Man ya'll sum funny dudes you ain't getting money yet.
Since the beginning of time yea I rock boy
On stage and off stage I'm a block boy
So don't get it confused and get popped boy
I go hard for the love of the dough, Get um
I go hard when I'm whippin it slow, kill um
And I stand alone strong for the block, Hit um
I'm still thinkin bitch I'm still thinkin
I'm still thinkin why I'm still thinking

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
The new timer with two limas I'm too modest
Like my new problems is no problem they old problems
New grind makin old dollars (bet)
1 line make a ho swallow chea
Look I party like a roc star actions of a block boy
Catch me in a fly car she ain't bad as my broad
I see ya click but they ain't bad as my squad
250 on the wrist to watch my time spark
And that's the message I'm a get it til my time stop
No top on top with the pine locked
Only thing I ain't got is a pine box
1 beam 1 shot bet time stop
Same block same clip in that still gloc
Niggas say they bout they business but they still watch
So all my whips stay tinted with the wheels stock
Unless I'm trickin for the chickens then the wheels rock.

[Chorus x2]

You think you ballin
You think you on a roll
Well we roc stars and we rollin yea
Roc stars and we rollin yea
Roc stars and we rollin yea

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