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Kool G Rap & Dj Polo - Cars текст песни

A convertible Porsche is what I’m striving to drive
DJ Polo of course, drives a ride that’s live
With a AMG kit, in his pockets a mitt
And if you try to steal his shit, by a pitch you get bit
But yo one day you will see me in a fly Lambourghini
On my way to the beach picking up girls in bikinis
I’m a hip-hop star and yo I’m bound to go far
And all the girlies jump right on it
When you drive a dope car

Yo I see cars driving by me looking milky and shiny
Tires made from Pirelli getting all of the heinies
Now a few of my friends they drive a Mercedes Benz
All the seats are stitched and hemmed, MCM and gold rims
The people are looking, all the ladies are hooking
All the cops get shooken, suckers’ girlfriends get tooken
Candy-apple Corvette, Benzy Boss in effect
And you know you get respect cause they’re breaking their necks
To see your car

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