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Kool G Rap & Dj Polo - Operation CB

Every eleven minutes, across the USA
a man is a victim of Cock Blocking
This action usually results in broken friendships
The following, is an example..

[Kool] Aiyyo Jinx
[Jinx] Hey whassup G?
[Kool] This girl'll be here in a minute
[Jinx] Uh-huh
[Kool] The bitch got a nice ass, and I'm tryin to get in it
[Jinx] Cool, that's alright, but why you tellin me this shit?
[Kool] To make sure you don't mind
[Jinx] Uh-huh
[Kool] chillin out while I hit it
[Jinx] Naww nigga, I'll just turn on the TV set
[Jinx] Get paid, hit the skins, get some pussy, get your dick wet
[Kool] Alright bet, because my dick is hard as hell
[ding dong ding dong]
[Kool] The bitch is ringin on my bell

Opened the door, "Whassup baby? Yo come on in
Here, take a seat, I'll introduce you to my friend"
Now everything is going according to plan
"Yo Jinx this is Debbie, Debbie this is Jinx my man" (Whassup baby?)
I went to the closet, hung up her coat, put up her hat
"Yo Jinx," "Whassup?"
"Later nigga, I'm goin to the back" "See ya!"
I took her to the back, closed the doors and I paused..
.. I'm gonna get some drawers
So we laid on the bed and I just smiled
Because I'm dreamin about fuckin her doggystyle
So I'm thinkin bout some hits that I can slip her
[zipper sound] Fuck it, I'll just pull down her zipper
Feelin her ass, and damn the shit is soft
"Aiyyo baby, why don't you take your shirt and pants off?"
I got the whore ready to let a nigga score
[knocking] Yo who the FUCK is at my door?
[knocking] Now she's annoyed, and boy I got some luck
I cracked the door, "Yo Jinx, what the FUCK is up?"

"Aiyyo G man, I just, y'know, I wanna get some water and shit
You know I'm kind of thirsty knahmsayin homey? Heh heh"

"What water nigga? Go 'head, go and get it" "Aight"
"Now leave me the fuck alone so I can hit it" "Aight thanks man"
So then I slammed the door shut [door slams]
I turned around this bitch is pullin her pants back on her butt
Nah chill, yo he ain't comin back no more
I pulled her pants back down and threw em on the floor [whoosh]
I'm tryin to convince her but the shit didn't work
So now I'm here playin tug-of-war with her shirt [rips] (oops)
Yeah don't worry, that same shit won't happen twice
[knocking] "Aiyyo G man, where's the ice??"
Shit, didn't even get my jock in
[knocking] Cause niggaz like Jinx is Cock Blocking

"Now you know this just don't make NO kind of sense"
"Blockin my cock, like a god damn ??"
"And for the life of me, I didn't know why.."
"Blockin my cock, like a god damn ??"

[Kool G. Rap]
Thinkin of a bitch I could be hittin, for no salary
So I called Valerie, found out the bitch was babysittin
The baby's parents went to Europe; and I could see her now
suckin my dick and lickin my nut like it was maple syrup
She said, "Come over I'm alone"
And I was knockin at the door before the bitch hung up the phone
"Hey whassup baby? You know I miss you" "Whassup?"
Yeah that's some shit you gotta say to get your dick into the pussy tissue
Went in the house and had a seat
The little boy put fifty motherfuckin toys by my feet
Smashin up my ankles with Tonka jeeps
I wish this little motherfucker'd take his ass to sleep
Now my leg got crazy scratches
I said, "Here, you wanna play?" I gave his ass a book of matches (Hey!)
I couldn't even get a rap
Without this little motherfucker jumpin his ass into my bitch's lap
I started rubbin on her curves
But I'm mad because this little brat is gettin on my nerves
I pulled the bitch up by her hair "What's the matter baby?"
"Aiyyo, whydon'tcha get rid of little man?" "Alright baby"
She took me to a room that was dark "Hey, come in here"
I was undressin on the way to get a head start
And then I let the door shut
Lifted up her skirt and started feelin on the whore's butt
Suckin on her titties like candy
Five minutes later had her comin in her panties
Now she's ready for the dick
"Yo you ready bitch?" (mmm-hmm) "Well first, take a lick!"
Down on her knees is where she dropped
Suckin on and suckin on and suckin on my cock
Bust that nut, that's what I'm hopin
Then yo, all of a sudden, the door flew wide open
What the hell is this about? [child crying]
She jumped up in a flash and took my dick out of her mouth
Yeah, the little nigga's throwin a fit
Talkin about he's hungry and shit
"Wait a minute baby, let me get up so I can feed him"
But I felt like takin off my belt and beat him
He already gave my leg a cut
Now the little bastard is fuckin up my nut
She, didn't even get the lead off
So I picked up one of his Ninja Turtle dolls and pulled the head off
(Hey whatchu doin?) Yeah motherfucker now we even
Forty-five minute passed, the bitch ain't back, fuckit I'm leavin
I got dressed, and put my hat back on my head (Hey!)
"Later bitch," "No wait baby"
"Drop dead!" "What??"
"And by the way, thanks a lot and uhh..
fuck you and that little nigga for Cock Blockin!"

"Now you know this just don't make NO kind of sense"
"Blockin my cock, like a god damn ??"
"And for the life of me, I didn't know why.."
"Blockin my cock, like a god damn ??"

[Kool G. Rap]
So all you niggaz with the helmets and shoulderpads
stay the FUCK away from me, word up
The next time you wanna block nigga
try out for the Jets baby, word up
Yo, that nigga Polo's Cock Blockin like a motherfucker
That nigga Jinx is Cock Blockin
My dancers are straight up roadblocks n shit
That nigga Bill Blass has been Cock Blockin all his life
And that nigga Eric B.'s Cock Blockin

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