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Kool Keith - Baby Baby текст песни

Baby bab-ayyy, you feel it la-dayy
Can you feel it?

Built to last, I'ma reduce competition
Stretched like a G-string stay in that ass
Eliminate your words you think are tough
By movin herbs, you think you're rough
Spice Girl figures, you're hype man sucks, y'all powderpuff
Stop thumpin stuffin
Everything your producer make is cuddly and fluffy
Soft as Kleenex tissue
You with the coalition pushin the vinyl
Funny style, movin the feminine issue
Attack you mentally, you know I would get you
Gorilla shots, you figure out what animal bit you
Tractor trailer from the side hit you
Tryin to figure what animal hit you

Tryin to figure out..

You tryin to play me like I'm from Montreal, Calgary
You never noticed G
how the thirty-eight weighs a lot of pounds and what it be
If you knew, you wouldn't be standin in front of me
100% of you is imitation, take off that baseball cap
In Jersey ask your mother, youse a wannabe
A 46 dollar, 3 color face watch
Yellow band, don't step to me, I know your estimate B
Don't question me
You met the rude awakening, find the best of me
I don't care about your favorite rapper they're less than me
Urinate on your V.I.P. area
where girls roam, piss on your dome
Bodyguard, face the C-I-P area

You know what's coming nigga..

I knew I had to make a record soon
Destroy your whole mechanism
Compilate on your Meoshe jeans, in fake records soon
You blew up alright, youse a blip
Up in the air homo, your crew is a helium balloon
You guys with thug mentality
wearin them tight ass black thongs with black Sassoons
Smooth on your anus
Your girl defecate my diamonds out with brooms, and mushrooms
You cats face the public here, you know the rules
From MC Hammer down to Lil' Romeo
Out of 2 million rappers you pick a name and lose
I penetrate news, my Tomahawk missles piss on Cruise

You know me baby, can you tell I'm bad?
You know lady, hey heyy heyy hey heyy hey hey hey

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