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Kool Keith - Bushman Tells It

feat. Bushman

I'ma have to take this to the motherfuckin ghetto-ass summit man
There's a lot of fake-ass motherfuckers
claimin they ratin shit on motherfuckin cable networks
Knahmsayin man? I can't understand this shit man
I'm from where they make you SHIVER
You know that place they call motherfuckin Bronx River
But I always kept low-key motherfucker
Cause I know it's hard out there
Y'knahmsayin I'd be sittin on the sidelines, up in the PJ's man
And I was there when shit was goin down
With them niggaz Bambaataa, and Kool Herc nigga
Yo Fab 5 Freddy~!
Yo these niggaz really need to know what the fuck is goin on man
Cause when you did motherfuckin, Yo! Raps
You really told it like it was
But these new motherfuckin made brand motherfuckers
that don't got no motherfuckin life
Just livin paycheck to paycheck
and lookin for a fuckin squirt-off for the night
Just like them niggaz be up at Suzy Rendezvous, fuckin around
Pullin they dick out, thinkin they can get they shit licked
Got a bunch of motherfuckers sittin around a motherfuckin table
Claimin they know who the best
The best rappers out here in this motherfuckin world
Y'all niggaz is straight nincompoop motherfuckers, knahmsayin?
You gon' get a nigga like me and a whole bunch
of other motherfuckers out here that know the real true game
to this hip-hop game yo
Gon' give you that Tyson look and slap you the fuck up real quick
Like you sittin on benches, up in the projects nigga
Hawkin and spittin, on the floor
Yeah you ain't motherfuckin God, thinkin you know everything
Think you servin down on this motherfuckin world
Globally, there's all type of rap niggaz out here y'knahmsayin?
Who the fuck you think you is
to put yourself in that fuckin type of category~?!
To claim who's the fuckin best
Cause you know this ain't no motherfuckin contest, motherfucker
You ain't never judged niggaz in Africa
So what the fuck is you comin out here from New York City
and you don't even live in N.Y.C.
Youse a nigga from another STATE
Motherfuckin fakin jacks motherfucker
I need to slap you in the back of your motherfuckin neck
and give you a wedgie at the same time motherfucker
You don't even go to China
Now how the fuck can you claim that you know who's the motherfuckin best?
When yo' ass is sittin in the motherfuckin, BlueTube motherfucker
Tryin to smile up in all niggaz faces
When we walk around you, smilin
You don't even go to motherfuckin Timbuktu
And talk to those niggaz up in the hills
When shit was goin down, and you be sittin around a fuckin panel
with all these motherfuckin fat obesity motherfuckers
That don't even know they front from they left
Tryin to judge motherfuckers with these plaques
Y'all niggaz need to step the fuck back
Cause y'all niggaz is way whack
I don't even understand y'all niggaz
Y'all niggaz is really givin rap a real, fuckin look
A bad motherfuckin look I mean
You got me so highly upset nigga, I feel like sweatin
and defecatin all over your motherfuckin face

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