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Kool Keith - Change Your World

[Kool Keith:]
Baby this is Keith, but not SWEAT
I wanna tell you how I feel about you
How I rub my fingers through your pretty hair
Tell you how I really feel
You're so lovely to me
I'd do anything in this world for you
You're pretty baby

[Chorus: Keith - singing]
Baby you impress me, but they don't know how I feel
Step up if you will, I'ma change your world

[Kool Keith:]
Just because you got The Personal Album don't mean you have The Secret Album
No less The Private Album, the four albums recorded
Plus the 11 tracks of seclusion
It's dimensional, my songs keep a distance
Even if you absorb everything, I don't wanna add to your confusion
Everything I do outside of me is an off-branch
I love classy wine, white collar shirts with cufflinks
I'm obsessed with fly slacks and pants
Go out to discotechs and watch ladies dance
King crab legs, with old bay season
My salad dressing with blue cheese mixed with ranch


[Kool Keith:]
You thought I would be a cartoon character
I'm in reverse mode, you and your girlfriend do a show for me
Let me laugh at ya
Can't handle my man life, the way I demand life
Me and you will always stay six albums apart
It's been that way since I wrote what you thought was yours personal
I meant that you can't think of what I listen to private
Write five albums a month, when you close your eyelids
Put the vocals out for high bids
Pump your tweeters and your mids
Can you imagine who's real? A genius, can you guess everything I did?
Everything I put lyrics on now have to be big
Whether you like it or not, you can't fight what I got
Collect this, I don't care, stay recordin like 2Pac
Record stash, you never heard them, come and tell me what's hot


[Kool Keith:]
I wanna change your world

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