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Kool Keith - Feel About You текст песни

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, Kool Keith
Oh yeah

[Chorus: Kool Keith singing]
Girl you know my name in all directions
The way I feel about you
Honey can take that, secret advice from me
The way I think about youuuu, and what you do

[Kool Keith]
Executive upstairs, I deal with the same list
Broke people love MTV Cribs
Chewin a dollar fifty slice of pizza
A minor rapper dissin they low income lifestyle that's rich
Fans that work at buck forty jobs; braidin hair on the week
and they can't afford hygiene products and cotton swabs
Fantasizin what it's like to sip champagne
Quarter juice figures, livin through another monkey's fame
Get my name straight, you should be ashamed
Layaway plan action, get ready for concerts you can't afford
Struggle to buy that ring, another imposter
Diamond wannabe like necklace girl on the pre-paid
cell phone with a fake gold chain
Caught up in illusion, fakin like a mothersucker


[Kool Keith]
Oh my God! Another Chrystler with the Hemi
To boost the ego, let that car be itself
You can't turn it into a Rolls Royce Bentley, over stingy
Makin you spend gently; women hover
Is that leather goose down to rubber?
I'ma investigate the fella, 40 percent rabbit
Your wife ain't wearin a chinchilla
Nobody want they coat to get wet, step under the umbrella
Is the Rolex real? What'chu gon' tell her
With them cheap suits you bought from Portabella
600 pounds with five stomachs
Big baller, in the leased Escalade painted vanilla
TV's in the headrest
With 36 White Castle hamburgers, he can't digest
Caught up in illusion, fake like a mothersucker


[Kool Keith]
Everybody's turnin groupie
Guys fight the girls to get in first
I hate to see a dude with a baseball cap jump the line
To get in the club like they carry a purse
Get to the front with no money
Turn around quick, they be the worst
The latest schedule, process material
Love to listen to the caviar and sushi rhymes
But just had a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal
Songs that make you imagine you live imperial
The problem is the poor watch the many, extravagant videos
Facin the most highest celebrities, livin on they lows
There's no turf and you ain't plush flossin
K-Mart is the new place, your mom used to go to Woolworth
Caught up in illusion, fake like a mothersucker!

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