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Kool Keith - Gina Called текст песни

[Kool Keith]
Tina called, she naked over here
Angie called, she naked over here
Monica called, she naked over here
Evelyn called, she naked over here
Terry called, she naked over here
Tina called, she naked over here
Barbara called, she naked over here
Cindy called, she naked over here
Everybody called, they naked over here

[Kool Keith]
Rated X, standin naked behind yo' couch
S&S gear men, put the fruit in your lady's mouth
Pull the thong to the side, butt-licker, take it down South
She won't be mad if you rub her hair, with a condom bag
1-900 sex talker, cops can't stop the window peaker sex stalker
Black Chinese security have fire extinguisher
Baby I'll hit yo' buttcrack
Walk to the kitchen grab a Trojan pack, I'll be back
Double team, tag team
Your wife want me and Jack dude, see dude, we come rude
Leave the room smellin like seafood


[Kool Keith]
Towels in Bath & Beyond
My Aunt Jemimah pancake syrup is all gone
For the crushed cherry
I get off when your hotbox is super wet, trimmed and a little hairier
No resteraunts, stores are closed
Suffocate me like Nelly said take off ALL YO' CLOTHES
Under the hood mechanics I check the engine when they sit on my nose
With the leather mask, I'm professional, starin at thongs
Dark shades I see through them dresses real fast
New outfits make you dance under my strobelight and pay me cash
Girls with the Escalades, pullin out them mall applications
Conceited with the perfect ass
30 miles, the camera's ready put on your booty shorts
You need gas


[unknown - or Kool Keith in a different voice]
Ladies in the mirror, starin at the butt it's gettin big
Trust I freak, hop in the rig
You sport the high heels with the red wig
Sexually I bet you be chargin up a dollar to holler
A dog stuck in the booty, your face mad Rudy
Mr. Goonie with looney
You know you get down with Reggie, it's our duty
I'll come down to sound

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