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Kool Keith - Girls Want You текст песни

(Oh yea, Kool Keith baby)

[Chorus x2]
Girls want you to suck them clits, they want you
Girl want you to suck them tits, they want you

Women wanna suck you
They don't tell you, they wanna fuck you
Some move and duck you
I sometime watch em, they curse me out I say fuck you
I never pay for shit, breakfast take em to get eggs and girls talk around
the pussy
Stare at the tits, they kill a lot a niggaz money
Ugly and rich, you gotta fuck em in the ass, they like it a lot
I piss on their hot spot
She'll be late, every movie shit in the hotel quick
Dip inside her heart she wanna suck your dick
Get her ass licked
Play hopscotch, look at her look at your watch
Make sure its late sucka, stick your hand in her ass motherfucker
Move fast motherfucker


Look at the stars, they wanna be naked, doggystyle with they ass out
They dream of naked photos, ready to pass out
You gotta pull your dick out at the restaurant in front of they aunt
And jerk off with your balls smackin the windows of the Mitsubishi Galant
Women are hot, like motherfuckin bananas in they ass
Is that what they want?
Never say pussy or cunt, take em out to lunch
Pull the thong to the side, at brunch
Show her your pubic hair, dress up ill
Decorate your nuts with Captain Crunch
Tell her easy on the genitals, give her two minutes
Tell her Captain Munch
Pull your zipper up fast, bend over and look over her ass
Wear a baseball jersey, lick her asshole with a catcher's mask
Perform with weed and liquor, some people prefer hash
Put on a condom, stick your celery sticks in her gash
Anally I stick it, marshmallows and lemonheads in they ass
Nothin simple, Ginuwine slow with Dru Hill, the right tempo
Fuck goin to dinner and shit, sittin at a table, rent a porno movie
Yo with Rocco Siffredi, fuckin top models cum on they navel
Lean your woman up against the sanitation truck
Fuck with 18 balls on the pool table
(18 balls on the pool table)


Increase with the golden showers surprise there's nothing more than
A pretty woman wantin sexy men to piss in her eyes
Fuck you standard gentleman nigga, you fuck it up for the real guys
Big jeans don't matter, you gotta fuck in the bathroom with robes
Cum all between her ass cheeks
With the suits and ties, take a break for ginseng
Feed the dimepiece, give her some TV dinners
Share your French fries
Be honest in your underwear, never tell her lies
Cuz she's wet already, all freaks love to smell your scrotum
It's no surprise
Strawberry cakes, cover the panties with milkshakes


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