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Kool Keith - Hollywood Street King Theme Song

Yeah I moved to Hollywood [?] Michele
And I became [?]
When I came from Canada [?] and I started the [?]
That was my boyfriend
We stopped together and I wanted always do [?] people
And all the rappers never liked my songs

H is a train, H is a train
H is a train, H is a train
H is a train, H is a train
H with pennies, H is a train
Do you still like me Michelle

I'm [?] ain't the real [?] this girl Michele [?]
Who posed the Playboy she's the secret from Thailand
[?] sleep with the lady boy but [?]
He posing as a man who [?] coast
Hollywood surgery he moved his penis
That's why he's scared of me [?] gave em couches
'Cause he's [?] like a bitch
That man used to be a woman he's parody
The inquire start the magazine don't wanna believe me
[?] use to fuck [?] in the but boy made the first LP
Bottom boy [?] rock the boy
You need to pay me to shot up and [?] out of me
So how in the cocaine [?]
Living with a [?] Michele [?] a porno [?] a corner the fan
Roxanne Roxanne Jackie stay in the strip club
For grams chancing [?] kings of Hollywood
I give em [?] 'cause I call em


Why [?] is getting bigger
His mom gave birth to a baby girl nigga
I don't' know about this [?]
Process [?] with pennies [?] cause ti don't care
At home with [?]
Don't let me call your [?]
Cause the mustache under your nose [?] from too much drugs
She [?] for heroine while you're gone [?]
You [?] fans [?] you in good hands
I can't wait to talk to your mother [?] turn into a man
All you knew [?]
Your own daddy don't' even know what you [?]
In the gym girls say they see you inches
I'm a pack [?]
You mean I got my own [?]
And I'm talking because I'm different
I wear pennies because I'm different
Hollywood street came from Canada
[?] to my career

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