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Kool Keith - I Do What I Want

[Kool Keith:]
(Classic!) Yeah, this what I like to do on my off time
(Kool Keith~!) A lot of people, they get too complex
(Too complex) I just like to do somethin real smooth
(Real smooth) with my offtime (with my offtime)
I got like ohh, 800 tracks (800 tracks) of my own (of my own)

Forget the laws of music, I can do this
Critics look for the hard work, been done all that weird stuff
You're mad because I'm the smoothest
Read you the corny quotes on the internet
"Why you don't do a character project?"
Vintage Kool Keith, this is what I love doin
Go 'head break your neck, pay you to break a sweat
I just started this song, I ain't even finished yet
J.D. mix my vocals, we didn't get to complain a set
Down to the square, what'chu gonna do
when your corny laptop and computer, ain't there?

[Chorus: Keith singing]
Yeahhh, I do what I want to, the way I want to
When I want to, I do what I want
I do what I want to, the way I want to
When I want to, when I want

[Kool Keith:]
Deep in your heart pop fans, I hate collaborating
The lost people analysts relax
Kool Keith, did bionic music before I rapped on jazz and fusion
and all that electronic music before
Never satisfied, jackasses you want more
You talk about clickin your mouses in your borin houses
Put your money where your mouth is
Macintosh gossip don't pay my bills
Come out your cheap-ass pockets when I lay my skills
CD duplicators, underground masturbators
New fans activate, piss on the hatersssssss


[Kool Keith:]
Stuck on Octagon~! Oct' is gone~! You get it?
I'm with a girl and cock is on
Go study your lab mice, get out the dark
and turn your boy talk the boys lights on
I love the mall with pretty chicks with spankin new sky blue Nikes on
Shopping bags with jeans, you guys avoid, you need to watch porn
I'm outside, indoor producers online
Never been in the streets, you barely go anywhere
Website cafe, I'm goin the other way


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