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Kool Keith - I'm Dangerous текст песни

[Kool Keith: with echo effect]
(Dan-ger) Kool... Keith!
You know... it's me again

[Verse 1:]
Black tie affair (dan-ger) girl you better be there
Wit'cha sparkle dress, your hair done escorted by the best
Wall Street navy blue pinstripe professional comfort you touch my chest
Knock wine glasses together, baby I'm impressed
The chaperone with executives upstairs, makin the calls to Rome
Check my messages when you get home
The rap music little kids play won't last in the mature zone
Panties stay lookin good, you know I'm mature bone
I'm dangerous

(Dan-ger) You know I'm dangerous

[Verse 2:]
Dangerous, bigger than rap and rock with keys to the large cities
Women change they locks, hand me the duplication
Look at tears comin down they eyes, tellin me the information
On the balcony, way above these streets
I rub backs in satin sheets
My vocals like fur lay down on satin beats
The international master, with orientals rubbin my feets
Excuse me may I enter your dining room area?
The kind that wanna marry ya
With overflows that get private rooms in the Poconos
Your girlfriends get back stage passes
I sign your pictures at all my shows, I'm dangerous

(Dan-ger) I'm dangerous

[Verse 3:]
Dangerous, extreme hotel bills, I'm real neutral at the Sheraton
Turkey with dijon mustard, your legs with moisturizer
Blueberry pie and ice cream, you know you my custard
Many out there lack luster, the rusher, headlinin over Usher
The 16 sweet bars, the three verse buster
Candles burn, you hold the martini, shirt under the plaid blazer
Madison Avenue with the Bernini, after work party
You look young like a teenager
Business lady with the Anita Baker haircut and a Coke bottle body
I'm dangerous

(Dan-ger) Dangerous...
I'm so... dangerous...

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