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Kool Keith - Jocking My Style

feat. Mr. Whitefolks

[Mr. Whitefolks]
Hey y'all what's happenin you understand me?
You know who the fuck this is
This is Mr. Motherfuckin Whitefolks, you understand me?
About to hit you with some brand new intro type shit
for two thousand and fo', ya understand me?
Y'all ready, and it goes somethin like this
What you say, what you know, ho give me some dough
Don't be slow, knee deep snow
Social security to Edgar Allen Poe
Nina Ross payin the cost
Pussy without dick is pimpin that's lost
Like a cell that's tossed
Kris to the Kross, I'm a player that's boss
Don't care what you say about me
50 said I was a P-I-M-P
It's that way Snoop, fucked your bottom bitch, Betty Boop
Downtown in the loop, a loss you can't recoup
Many are called but few are chosen
Frostbite, and toes got frozen
In here 'til closin
Work keyhole, 'til I get in shape
5th Avenue parade, ticker tape
Straight laced, no chase
Perry Mason took your place
Perform plastic surgery, you got a new face
Lollipop suckers, ice cold motherfuckers
Haven't paid enough dues to be in this club
Had to get a six inch sub
All the whiteboys think they're cooler than me
Impossibly impossibility
Who would you rather be facin
Freddie or Jason
Do you like steak sauce on your steak?
Are you real or fake? I'll pour the A-1
And pimp on you, from day one

[Chorus: female singers]
Gimme my money, my weed, my drank - bitch!
What the fuck you thank?
It's, Mr. Whitefolks, and I keep it pimpin man
La-da-da-deee, la-da-da-dahhh
Chilly Chill, 7th Vail
Kool Keith, and Mr. H
Yeah yeah...

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