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Kool Keith - Knock On The Door текст песни

[porno movie sex scene for the first 0:29]

[Kool Keith:]
The world gon' criticize, talk
Lean over with a trenchcoat
Cross they arm like Peter Falk
Inspect my shit, dissect my shit
Like the nurse takin samples of my urine bottles down to the hall
... I'm a New York lyrical king monster ball
These niggaz can't be serious with flowers on they shorts
Playin volleyball
Oversaturated shit on the street, I'm tired of y'all
With goo gobs, of applied shit
That's that in-house spit
Oh you on some gangster shot shit~?!
Go 'head, tie him up, make him eat his own defecation
Faux minks, 90 degrees, on probation
Cab comin down, Adam and Clayton
The bitches pry for IHOP-pers
Elephants with baby fat jackets
Big ballers pull up bomb bacon two eggs with cheesy-reezy
Baby fuckin with niccarightus make those, 8 tons of fun's woman
That cook fit and lift dumptrucks become sleepy and lazy
Six quarter peas by yourself for weight loss programs in New York
Obesity motherfuckers even Sam, know you're crazy
Sixteen Fellis, wrapped around don't phase me

[porno movie sex secen for the next 0:29]

[unknown rapper: maybe Keith with his voice altered]
CD's caters as these stanzas quantize this shit
Let daylight this document sunrise the shit
I love them sun visors when I spit
Off the curb with mines I step into major great dane shit
Saw the muzzle off, that nigga piss on your pit
'Til he shake nervous
Watch him bark in the storeroom bear a frown worthless
Cops pull me over with 6 dogs in the truck
Bitch in the front, with them titties out, shirtless
I'm a fugitive with my hands on the gas pump
When I lay words down your ass jump
Like Mike from the foul line, ballers scrape the balls
Speakers don't make economical bastard
Instantly Alpine, cell boost niggaz
Y'all do cheerleader rhymes, studio scared growth
Look over your shoulder, can't flow niggaz
in the maxi-coat, maybe mink
I can't wait to sport my shit in front of basketball players
And open Dom bottles around Tiki Wiki
Cognac frontin ass with the conseeki
With Mike Jack's father fuck it I'ma fire Casey
That's for Joe Jiggy, you sit on your ass with spider webs
Because you never made it pro niggy

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