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Kool Keith - Lyrical Magic текст песни

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, 7th Vail (7th Vail)
Kool Keith, the prince of New York
My man... H-Bomb
Like no other
My breed is no other
The world fashion instructor
New wave gator conductor
My name written on the back of your hiphuggers
Gotta handle that flashes
Adjust my speed shutter
Futuristic vocalist, Kool Keith
I'm pro at this
I'm too high up in the sky
Many are lower at this
Girls look out the colossal windows
It's on when the wind blows
Scroll through your bank accounts, I'm not a pimp
You wanna give me your pocketbook
I'm not a violatin guy, I'm not a pocket crook
The empire of all this
People say what kinda style you call this
My sparkle shine, it's all wrist
(uh-huh, it's all wrist)

[Chorus: singer]
Your girlfriend got in me mayn
She been givin me brains
There's no shame in her game
But you should be ashamed (I'm the prince of New York)
You see I'm runnin thangs
Got diamond rings and chains
See I move in big ways
I like the finer thangs (I'm the prince of New York)

[uncredited rapper]
From age 14 I been walkin this talk
Fuck Bill Cosby, I'm with the prince of New York
In ninety-four, {?} play with Eric B.
Left {?} for the West coast from Jersey
And that's the time where about Big and 'Pac
The time on the mic, niggaz had to rock
Don't cuss the Lord cause he had blessed
Some distressed from the shine on the chest
The men remain, many get slain
Flipped perks for personal gain, money woodgrain
I changed the code, I save a load
I've crossed the road and L.A. showed
The flyest chicks, the dopest whips
The cush is the shit, out of town is flipped
Your hustle stopped cause you can not
do what I do so you chill with a half knot


[Kool Keith]
The National Enquirer, tornado mister
Essence Magazine
You the model with the nice legs in sister to sister
You got a little resume with Mannie Fresh
So you worked a couple of videos
For Mario Winans and Tung Twista
Who's your contact? And who should I call back?
Turn around girl, all I see is a wineglass shape
It's nice right there, the thong gets lost
I see all back
I'm tellin your man, I'm all that
The industry bore me, y'all all whack
I created Hustler, I ball back
When I shop, I'm all back


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