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Kool Keith - Mad Man Departure

[Kool Keith]
Yeah.. outro, Mad Man
Everytime I see your motherfuckin ass
You always with some motherfuckers around you
You know why? Cause you're motherfuckin scared
But I'ma pick you out motherfucker

I like to boost myself cause all you niggaz can kiss my ass
Critics like my balls, bitches get jealous
Y'all on some old funny-ass shit, hang with a bunch of fellas
You can't fuck with me, shiny head like Telly Savales
Look at your favorite rap star, corny as a MOTHERFUCKER
Scarecrow hardcore
I flip your tour bus over, pull your plug on your stage show
on your fuckin tour
Put a piece of your fuckin hand in the refridgerator
Book your shit Monday
You'll see me with three niggaz with stockin caps
with sawed-off shotguns, waitin for your black asses
Then come to Apollo to play, blow your session away
You don't wanna fuck around
I don't give a fuck if you in the studio with bodyguards
You can hide behind fuckin Big Ray
Bash you in the face with a fuckin ashtray
Move you out in a STRETCHER
Walk you to the fuckin ambulance
with blood all over my fuckin pants
That's what you get for tryin to do a b-boy stance
Next I'ma step to all you homo ass niggaz that dance
Move that glittery shit out my vision
and face the fuckin collision
Treat you like the Lifers Group
27 years, I'ma act like I'm in fuckin prison
Say somethin now motherfucker, say somethin!
I bite your fuckin nose, spit back in your fuckin lap
See somethin funny? See somethin funny?!
Fuck around cut your shoulder blade off
Disconnect three of your fingers
You won't be able to point at shit
or wave a fuckin cab down
Look at you bleedin with that rap shit on the fuckin ground

That's right motherfucker
You knew I was comin to see you from the beginnin
but you was talkin all that bullshit
But I'ma see you in, time
That's right, when I get to yo' motherfuckin ass
I'ma work my way up there

See youse a faggot ass nigga
You moved to the suburbs
You think you safe, workin by phone
You can't go nowhere, and you hidin
You stay in hotels, and ??
And smoke a bunch of fuckin weed, that's right
Lookin at each other
Fuckin each other in the ass
Bullshittin and playin with PlayStation
I'ma tell you straight
I ain't no kid, I'm a grown-ass fuckin man

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