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Kool Keith - Photo Session текст песни

[Kool Keith]
I like that little leopard furry outfit
I love it
You gonna get pregnant wearin that
Put on this blindfold
Turn around, don't look at me
Pull your panties to the side

I know this girl with boots on, she's turned on by wearin G-strings
She likes her thongs with my fingers all between her cheeks
She go-go dance, strip at clubs on the row for weeks
Shakin her fannies, come here girl, let me fill them panties
Spread your legs, and cock the booty, spread the pink fa-rutti
Not Ray Moore, no matress here, baby on the floor
With helmets and mask, and grease up in that anus fast
Back door delivery, the mailman remember me
Don't front now, them breasts are ready, I'ma milk the cow
With rockets that blow, paralyze your anal sockets
My fantasy is hidin used condoms in your pockets
while you chill, here's a towel, plus your Massengil
That's word like Pete Rock's, let's freshen up that funk box
I pump like diesel fuel, stamina speed, strong as a ox
Takin a shower, run the steam water for a hour
That's word I'm naked you can best believe I don't fake it
Pull off your bra straps, and jerk off on your pretty kneecaps

[Chorus x2: Kool Keith]

Can I see your panties girl? You wanna take em off
Dye your hair blonde, hook up your weave and call Steve
for the photo session (yeah..)

[Kool Keith]
Got my tripod set up for photographs, you get wet
Pull my porno tapes, while you listen to Keith Sweat
That's no joke, I do construction now your rectum's broke
No matter how famous the anal beads are for your anus
Your girlfriend is sloppy, a dyke, tryin to be so cocky
I stuck a broom between her punchin coochie like I'm Rocky
She was excited from the rip out, she pulled my tip out
My cape is on with latex, I make vaginas flip out
Open your rear end, with tools before you count to ten
That's word to moo moo, know how I'm trained to move that boo boo
Back them two boobs, you on the tape with seven dudes
Your temperature's more beyond to sleep with Michael Jackson
You want interviews, in locker rooms, movie action
Camcorders R. Kelly, or Russell peein on your belly
Smelly socks from Laker players, you can suck they jocks
I walk in projects, and underwears on Bronx blocks
Send Tampex FedEx while I slip on condoms you drink Beck's
Hold up your butt right, cause Vinica can make you tight
_All Night Long_, like Mary Jane, finger poppin girls
Luscious drawers, I keep my penis movin in your jaws
Swallow it baby

[Chorus x1.5]

[Kool Keith]
Intensive care, you're pretty, climbin on the toilet seat
Puttin fingers in buttholes, through your cracks I defeat
Word is bond, remove your stainfree it'll turn me on
Put on your freaky jacket, bend over, let me smack it
Move in your room while my penis stretch, hit the moon
Open your back and see them buns shine when you jack up
On Greyhound buses we can check in at a sleazy motel
Sign contracts, and do a dirty scene, in a hotel
Manufactured, distribution while you keep on douchein
We'll make you a star, we'll film tonight, at this bar
Two hundred men, wackin off, you on the tablecloth
She's in the center dressed up, like it's cold in winter
No domination, hide your panties in the Amtrak station
Shoot off your load, see the Caddy comin down the road
Baby got back, rub my hand up all up in that crack
Nurse that breast, tittie milk can give me stimulation
I throw your legs your perfume, give me motivation
I drive surface.. yeah!

[Chorus x2]

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