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Kool Keith - Regular Girl

Yo money
Yeah whassup Kool Keith?
Yo that girl Kadiva gon' come to your house
with.. blonde hair and boots
Tell her rent a cheap room on Sunset Boulevard
for $16.95 - I ain't tryin to get no Madrian no Marriott
or all that higher stuff
Yo we can go on cheaper man
I know somethin for like $10.99 man
It's a hotel with roaches in it and everything
It's almost near skid row

[Kool Keith]
Buttnaked! Girls walk Sunset with they ass out
I start Cadillacs with suits, wear my mask out
With brims tilted, I finger pop the whole block
Make freaks wear wigs, and put the rubbres on my cock
You see me out there, with big balls like Rosie Grier
Players cream, I pull panties out your wet dreams
Get deep in cracks, and wash em out like Mr. Clean
Bring your Massengil, the public think I'm very ill
Like Jimmy Z, posin naked for the FCC
I'm not no basketball star, your girl watch me pee
Clock me like cops, every time my sperm drops
She's in my face with thongs, chewin lollipops
I'll hit that butt on the low, just like Monica
Play three tunes and let her blow on my harmonica
I'm out here, you rollin fake in Union Square
I'll make you go blonde, brunettes runnin down they hair

[Chorus x2: sung by Kool Keith]

Regular girl, is so boring (get out my face)
Regular girl, you never turn me on (work the latex)

[Kool Keith]
You saw my porno flick, nutsacs banged up on your TV
Your girl pulled her panties off real quick, tryin to see me
She wants an autograph, a part with my anal staff
You scream test for AIDS, stretch marks make me laugh
Sign your contracts for Willie, smoke a big Phillie
I'm too old for young girls, gigglin actin silly
I'm Sugar Daddy, your aunt gon' be worried duke
Your moms at my hotel, her bra is real cute
Dressed in G-strings, she's scopin me, eatin fruit
She licked my balls, I came like Niagara Falls
Brought her tittes to Prince show instead of Lou Rawls
Her pelvis grind, she smile show me pantylines
I'll smack that butt, the pro spank at different times
Like Max ? hardcore ? it's on the dirty floor
Make you scream for stiff rods, you don't want no more
Penetration, I don't do that on your menustration
I want movies back, you smile, addin lubrication
You know your steelo, orgies doin three people
Kodak action, Black Tail, butt satisfaction
You lookin good sweet cheeks..


[Kool Keith]
I turned the Lakers off, you can't stop my afterparty
A fifth of vodka, and latex, drink your Bacardi
I serve it well through tubes and watch your rectum swell
Service your clits with steel, machines keep it real
Got that ramrod, that's pumpin through your back hard
You be seein cum stains on Sunset Boulevard
My rubber send streaks and heels off your girl's feets
You not psychadelic wimp, I'm still your girl's pimp
That's part interest, magnificent, mind power
I got nuts that clean kill, let me take my shower
Wash off my pubic, and let the females do my nails
Watch naked legs in chairs and enter soft tails
Wear stockin caps with maps and shoft for soft cracks
Lift off your hairpeace, while milk squirts up on your weave
You know my skin needs butter, your cheeks are popcorn
I get deep, go run in butt like the unicorn
Rodeo anus banger, quick with the middle finger
Her tampons drop down between her Maxi
I left tips for cocked up legs in the taxi
Yo take her home cab driver, here's her panties


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