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Kool Keith - Seattle Tacoma

[Kool Keith:]
Tacoma Seattle police
Had to come get my bags right in front of Hooters
The whole restaurant watchin
But I'm here
I will find my prey
International, or domestic

The underground is on level E
Most rappers rap on level B
That's considered G.O. proposition
Freestyle competition
You win a Volkswagen on MTV hosted by D.D.
Diamonds spilled around the bars, Parve on the Magnum
Pee-pee the request by NBC
The cheese caviar for the dancers, the high-end romancers
Turn off their tracks
Octapawn is gone, 39.99
Motel on the highway, the "Thong Song"
with Christinie drinkin a martini
You say it's that Millie crochet'n with the yarn
The false don, and a herb, that's right
I'm Agron, a.k.a. The Fonz
Bounce with gator sneaks, handsome good C-notes, the bomb
And vogue 'em out, take 'em to dinner like Don
Shawn know who I am, serve me Grey Poupon
Flavor extra-bration
Mess around you catch a laceration
The voodoo come Hatian the top which he popped maker
You the lagoon faker, I might sign again with a major
Panties gotta be sweet, they can't come in fishy flavors
Everybody's gettin big
Mom give me more potatoes
Jump out and train at the gym with an El Ness brim
In the Phantom with the original fantastic Orangemen on my side
that look like rocks, chicks say he's with Ben Grimm
Ex porn star
Three bottles on ice, look fox he got the rocks
See with the cinnamon, salmon cakes relaxed
I cook on top of your cassette tapes
With Denny's chocolate
I'll force you off the highway for two spicy chicken tins
And two milkshakes
Amino acids can't cover your lip then milk weights
Six pounds, I'll face your anorexia Hollywood phony legs
You better buy Tony's legs
I'm out to bang, two hammers in your Dell
Find you upsidedown in China like David Sucko in a Honda XL
Non-stable crab lice
Get your face changed, movin in different hotels
I guarantee liars'll see "Fright Night"
You cats cover your calves
Comin around with dogs, the gun'll bite

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