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Kool Keith - Sexual Intruder

[Kool Keith:]
New York City~! New York
California, California
Texas, Texas
Miami; Miami, Florida
Chicago; Chicago, Illanoize

I'm in the mood, laid back with The Impressions
You would think I'm The Enchantements
The 5th Dimension, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
My flow count the disciples, 808 kicks in the mix
I'm out there hustlin, master of licks
Your panties went down, who you think did the magic trick?
Abracadabra, you're the Prada bag at the crotch list
I know you're on toxics
Faster than Speed Racer, I'm in the Mach 6
If the cat smell one time you're not the top chicks
A guy like me rather smell Vicks
Extra roses by the jacuzzi, when I wash your toes-es
Your sexual intruder

Sexual intruder, your sexual intruder [x2]

Lead singer up front, you feel me like The Temptations
The way I gave you the world
Send you to learn about the moments, on a thousand vacations
Wit'chu sick in the hospital, I bought you the flowers
They were black ivory, they made you cry with heavy emotions
Your back and night was rubbed down professional
with sweet cucumber lotion, with all my time and devotion
You cried about the bills your ex-man had left you with
Throwin rocks into the ocean
I heard your whispers all the way to my ear, on a foggy night
You walkin with one of your Pomeranians, 3 Dog Nights
With pits comin you was in shock
I couldn't let 3 dogs fight (I couldn't let 3 dogs fight)

Your sexual intruder
Sexual intruder, your sexual intruder, sexy

Waitin in the emergency room for your mild concussions
You knew your heart always and forever
Through the heatwave, your body was rushin
You had to get to your own apartment, you didn't want to say with your cousin
Your mom always fussin, takin a train from the Grand Central Station
When I was on stage, nothin could stop you from faintin
Grabbin my hand on the spot, you was scared under the shy lights
With apple bottoms on, jeans fittin tight
Beggin me to put on your direct light, in love like a sex slave
Sippin red Alize under the purple light, sexual intruder

Sexual intruder, I'm your sexual intruder
Sexual intruder, I'm your sexual intruder
Sexual intruder, I'm your sexual intruder
Sexual intruder...

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