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Kool Keith - Shoes N Suits текст песни

"This week was unimpressive.. are you quoting me
so you can go back and tell these people that I said so?"
"No uh yeah I thought uh it was unimpressive too;
cause, because.."
"Okay, thank you. I well I'd agree with anything you say
in regards to that.. because, what's obvious is what's obvious."
"They they feel that they're not gettin paid?"

[Kool Keith]
You heard Jeremy Lawner got shot four times in the face
Standin on West 8th Street, two blocks from Park Place
It was a set up, professionally how he got wet up
Closed casket service; the guy said he jerked Eminem, and Coolio
plus Korn - machine guns had his ligaments torn
Police asked me what happened, I don't know I'm steady rappin
Excuse me as a suspect, that's a hot lie
I did not give a man a gun, (??) papaya
I was home down South, that's what he get, street connections
Sam bit it, I'm not it, the kid was runnin his mouth
Order in the court, did you or did not shoot this man?
What I heard, booking agencies giving loot to this man
Check my fingerprints, my hair never touched that gun
I never spoke to anyone, the F.B.I.'s at my house

[Chorus x2: Kool Keith]

Shoes n suits! Shoes n suits!
Supreme Court..

[Kool Keith]
Investigators ridin on my elevator for questionin
I'm just a plain MC, why do y'all wanna see me
I have no clue about what that person went through
Is it true that y'all was gonna tell us
who was gonna cut his hands off
Leave the body rottin for 3 days in the back of a Wendy's Drivethru
Look for my fingerprints, what did I do?
Narrator of a true story
To write somethin fake, would bore me
I babysit three kids, you guys act like y'all never saw me
The D.A. said, "Keith you're not guilty"
but the dead client's mouth was filthy
Gun from Virginia registered under Silky
"Keith do you recognize these pictures?"
8 suspects from the projects
No I never seen these people in my life
I don't recognize them your honor


[Kool Keith]
So he ain't callin shots for you, I got respect
I just turned down a major label project
Witnesses say you're carryin a mac-10 semiautomatic, a black object
Check my house, just a Chia pet
7:30 when he was shot - I wasn't travelin
He was on the first class with two men, on a Continental airline jet
The prosecutor says I'm innocent
That's somebody else's glove by the steps
Is it true, that part of your crew
wanted to set this man on the couch,
light a match, pour gasoline in his lap and set him on fire?
Connect his 500 Benz to a phone-tap wire
Breakin his window glass like an armed Goldie with a hockey mask
With two forty-four Magnums, one in his mouth, one in his ass
His relatives ties with three links to his murder
I never heard of, but in Philly he tried to scam Roger Troutman
Sharpshooters hit him point blank on the side of his celly phone ear
Bullets hit his rearview mirror
Shots rang out from a Cadillac Catera
The guy made a bad error

[Chorus x1.5]

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