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Kool Keith - Telephone Girlfriend текст песни

[phone rings] Hello?
This Keith, you're all by yourself? [out of service tone]

[Kool Keith]
Girl you're about to take a shower
Get in the bathtub, get your back scrubbed
Massagin your neck, feet rubbed
Baby oil on your toes while you get wet to my flows
I get turned on by the belly piercing
Your little ring in your nose
Decision makin you chose
Smell my cologne, fluctuatin your clothes
Me and McBenson
Project chicks in the green S-500 with extensions
From New York to Virginia to the Pocanos
In Cancun I send you to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
[out of service] Keith ill
First man from New York City housin to have his face on a $30 bill
Chauffeur impressed, with sneakers on, dressed to kill
[phone rings]

[Chorus: miscellaneous phone sounds]
Telephone girlfriend (dressed to kill)
Telephone girlfriend (dressed to kill, dressed to kill)
Telephone girlfriend

[Kool Keith]
Answer the phone honey
You lay on my chest like Max Julien, Cleopatra status
Coke bottle shape, Miss Nubian
Watch your sheer nightgown in the bathroom light
With cameltoe showin, I can tell you tight
Loose jeans don't work, my job is to convert
Act like I don't know the bottles are there
I can see through your shirt
While you listen to some wack MC's turned Smokey Robinson on
No time for incoming calls, b-boys stay mad
Actin buddy and funny, walkin around for beats won't work
Shut your status and timin
I don't wanna have a career too extreme
But ladies think I'm Frankie Lymon
[out of service] They think I'm Frankie


[Kool Keith]
In the living room, on the couch and sofa
Mature female, you act older
No problem at all when I walk witchu to the mall
Circle the parking lot, you park and hot
At night you booty call, we order things from Pink Dot
Blockbuster movies, Maxim, Hustler, got you in Spike leather jackets
With tats on your stomach like a wrestler
You challenge the taste tester
Like Gomez used to kiss on Morticia, in front of Uncle Fester
Charming my dear, kissin you around your ear
Arms and palms, legs and thighs
Don't be surprised (don't be surprised)
[out of service]


(dressed to kill, dressed to kill, dressed)
Telephone girlfriend
["If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again"]
["If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator"]
[out of service] ["We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed"]

[phone rings and tones to fade]

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