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Kool Keith - Tess Shit текст песни

Motherfucker I'm Kool Keith, motherfucker I'm cursin
You know I'm the type of guy to piss
and throw shit in your face if you're the right person
I don't give a fuck if your name is Tony Gerson

Ultimately figure the champion
Figure express shit, the best shit
You tess shit, caress shit
Talk more higher, then less shit
You aware, address shit
Impress shit, you confess shit
Ivory wash with the Zest shit
Fuck the weed and the sess shit
Don't bother with the pest shit
Check cash, you guess shit
Fuck the Coupe and the S shit
The talkin behind my back shit
The skirt and the dress shit
You really workin that East and West with the juice
It's some death shit, whack niggaz you sign
get witcha girl, run your mouth with the Celeste shit
No worry, I get more, I fight and scuffle, at the Greek
I ain't down with that 'fess shit
You gonna rooter yourself and get your motherfuckin ass killed
with that bulletproof vest shit
Copy assholes, let the public hype you up on some wild West shit
Fightin ugly bitches on that obsessed shit
Old slang, I wouldn't say fresh shit
Soak shirts, take no shit
Put on your coat shit
Get out of here you smell like goat shit
Wheats and oats shit
You see you still on that flossin and that yacht and that boat shit
Don't say a word when I quote shit
If you real fuck your card, and go promote shit
Fuck the Virgin Islands, powder and float shit
Get your girl, fuckin run, you better fuckin go quick
Fertilizer, you better try to grow shit
You ain't no Don Juan on that stroll shit
You sniffin blow shit
You sit on the toilet, and go shit!
Tell motherfuckers everywhere, this is pro shit
No G.I., I'm like my pops - I'm on some Joe shit!
Some Grover mixin a little, mo' shit
You say OH SHIT!
You can't get a slice of my pizza? No shit
Get off my stage, you ain't on my show, shit
Trumpets, you got some musical notes? You can't blow shit
You need to step back, go to shit

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