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Kool Keith - Traffic Jam текст песни

[Kool Keith: heavily modulated]
Anybody see Lyrical?
Have anybody seen Lyrical?
Anybody seen Lyrical?
Has anybody seen Lyrical?

Is that yo' best 16 bars you spit
It's a beginner's starters kit
When I rap my competition get nervous
Your girl fresh to donuts and suck my dick
When I shit drop turds in a full round
Sylvia signed me for six hundred billion
Now you gon' fuck with me on Motown
The nephew of Dofat, you name a scumbag that come so hot
On the phone, puttin the petroleum jelly on the rocket
that make Amarosa cry, sell her panties on eBay
I got a sneaky hate club written different ways like B2K
Producers wearin pink fitteds that beats that be-too-gay
For a Met vet that hit 8,000 baseballs out of Shea
Wish you could jump up and gun me
I'm that battle rap that's stuck in fuckin weeds, and traffic
Every day New York hear me on the PA system
Your bitch cheer me when I smack the homo out the catchers
Niggaz go into a coma with Sosa on they stomach
or Big Mac sauce, got you upset two bottles of Broma
You fuckin with the German shepard police dawg
Grittin his teeth, smellin your back-ass feet under the door
I get in the fog, no muzzle I'm a fucked up dark dawg
On the, wipin the waves out your hair with rubbin alcohol
I'll scrub your bitch face with ammonia
Fuck your makeup artist, they don't know ya~! How ya tone ya
Patient like a motherfucker I pass up the fishy ones that's up on ya
Psycho disturbed
Check off the internet, who fake sheet own you
I tell you gorillas in the house
The gorillas over the mouse
You ain't no motherfucker I'm grown dude
Fuck that open door, world CM doody doo, Scooby you
Skip to the loo
They call him yo, anti-pro, shit
I know shit, that's why I'm on that G.I. go shit
That's right, we can stand here, and kick that toe to toe shit
That mo' to mo' shit, that blow to blow shit
You comin in here with that skirt on that's that hoe to hoe shit

Anybody seen Lyrical? Anybody seen Lyrical?
Did you see Lyrical? They say Lyrical went to the store
Anybody seen Lyrical
Did you see where Lyrical go?
They say Lyrical went to the store

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