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Kool Keith - Varoom

[woman moaning in background]

[Kool Keith]
Whassup baby, this is Keith
I want you to take this picture
Want you to stand right over there
That's right, turn around
Alright, spread your legs
Put your hands up on the wall, poke it out
Yeah poke it out like they doin Black Tail
Show me how you poke it out baby
Alright, lean it over, let the thong show a little bit

Honey loves to play with herself, lay in the bed with the toys
at heavy masturbation level, that's most beyond treble
The Vaseline abuser, the grease seducer
Holdin her whole butthole open with the springs under her bed broken
With tight thongs, she pump back
I ride her horse ass like an aqueduct racetrack
Straddle your underwear like a jockey
Sixteen inch TV screen butt, with handlebars like a Kawasaki
Motorcycle helmet over my head - motorcycle helmet over my head

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
Varoom! Tear that thang up [x3]

[Kool Keith]
Motocross ride her shirt from the back like a dirtbike
Her bed is the highway, her vagina flash a green light
Her buttcrack expands, she show me them chrome anal pipes
Apple cheeks I bite; watch your pubic hair
like a gas man in the basement with a flashlight
Girl don't be stiff you gotta move your ass right
Turn over like a piece of chicken when the fork stick in
Put on your gloves and mittens, purr out your cum like kittens


[Kool Keith]
Awkward with the SCUBA diving suit in your waterbeddy
50 thousand panties spin in the dryer with Tampax inserts
Don't laugh, you're not ready
STP fuel, your weave gotta stay on the road
150 around the track
I know the speedway like Al Unser's son
You get your engine checked at Getty
With truck tails in my face, I watch buns jiggle
Back up into the parking space
I pull up to the side of the grey bra, like a racer triple X
Rev up the RPM and say let's race
Let's race baby

[Chorus x2]

[woman keeps moaning to the end]

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