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Kool Keith - You Know You Want It текст песни

[Kool Keith]
Girls, I'm slappin 'em up
Pimp smackin 'em up, anger management
President, better than ediment{?}
Sweetness by slickness you with this
You witness the lonely the misfits
On them place and table servin 'em biscuits
But kisses delicious
My swiftness fills statistics linguistics
You think I'm Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone
How many, comin at me
Startin G, ladies excuse me
Player I beg your pardon G
I'm harder G, astrology dodgin me when I'm rum pum pum pum..
Make me the sergeant see
From the coast, and pot roast, I load furs
And them diamonds and them pearls on them coats, I will boast
Be braggin, not draggin
Flowin on the spoon like Daggen-Hanz
The Nova is comin over, I'm Cas'
See the pimp of nature under the table
With broads by the side I will hate'cha
From Singapore and Malaysia
When the last time you pulled your fuck out
The other players claimin pimp that wanna trick off
What they assssk, me, ask Whitefolk and Pimpin' Ken
I bring it around and let you taste it

[Chorus: x2]
We comin up big doggy, we playin it big homey
No niggaz just chicks around me all we want is ass and money
We combin the streets, droppin our work all day and night
They know we pimps cause the chicks always play us tight

'Bout comin up pickin up paper, it's the H you know it's me
You soakin up game, but you lame, shame on he not me
Peepin on what we wear and, steppin on checks we clearin
Tryin to look and act like us so his cash we start sharin
You movin too slow man, you fallin in love man
You don't know pimpin is the only thing to know man
Double back double up on the paper that I'm musclin
Put it out doin my dirt checkin my work, paper keep comin in
Don't be so mad homey, you too uptight nigga
I know the pimps and pushers strippin up pickin up dollars
I'm holdin on to my dough, I'm plannin to stick yo' flow
I'm lookin to ho through pimpin choose I'm keepin up all her dough
You know the chicks go, out watch the chips fall
The money I bank it I don't give a fuck 'bout none of y'all


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