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Lil' Jon

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Lil' Jon - Snap Yo' Fingers (Lil' Matt Remix)

feat. E-40, Lil’ Matt, Sean Paul from Youngbloodz

[23 Seconds without Sayin Anything]

[Bonecrusher Inserted]

[Lil' Matt]
Diamonds in your face you're a big disgrace
I'm crippin down your lane
We don't give a fuckin damn
Cause we sippin in yo' Lac
Sippin the dippin the crippin niggaz shuttin down your face
Whoo Kid and Swisha House ain't with me right now
Crippin not now, fuck you I saw that fuckin frown
I'm in South bitch niggaz just hatin cause they ain't got a mouth
I'm the king, I got the fuckin bling bling
Lil' Jon and me are friends that are free nigga

[Hook: x2]
Snap ya fingers! Do ya step!
You can do it all by yo self!
Let me see you do it! Ay!
Let me see you do it! Ay!

[Lil Jon:]
Snap ya fingers and then rock wit it
Do it, do it, do it, do it, gon drop wit it
Do a step wit it, put ya hips wit it
All my ladies let me see ya put a twist wit it
You can't do like me, I'm by myself
I do it so good, I don't need nobody else
What's happenin', what's up
Got da purk fired up
What's happenin', what's up
Got Patrone in my cup
I pop, I drank
I'm on Patrone and purk, I can't thank
I'm blowed, to tha do'
don't know how tha hell I'm gettin home

[Hook: x2]

Straight from da bay, posted in tha 'A'
Bout to hit tha club, we been mobbin' all day
Drinkin' some ??, dyin' off Patrone
VIP style, strapped wit my chrome
Look around tha club, what do I see
Everybody rockin' from side to side to tha beat
Snappin' they fingers, bouncin' to tha groove
All by they self, that's tha new move
Nigga where I'm from, we like to go ??
I'm soakin' up tha game, I'm seein' how its done
I ask shawty what they call it, she said tha Pool Palace
Staright from Bankhead, I said you good at it
Do what cha do, you and ya crew
They even got playa's and thugs doin' it too
The mo' that I drank, tha more it's lookin' smooth
It's nuthin to a boss, I can do tha shit too

[Hook: x2]

[Sean Paul:]
Chillin' in tha bip, yeah we get crunk
Niggas poppin' bottles and these bitches gettin' drunk
Rollin' up tha kush, put it in tha air
I'm throwin' up tha E's to let em' know we in here
Brand new shoes, brand new tool
Pull out tha ol school, cuz I'm feelin' real cool
Yeah I'm from tha 'A', so I'm leanin' and rockin'
Snappin' my fingers, then reachin' for my glock BITCH!
Reppin' my block BITCH!, straight from tha deck
When you snap ya fingers shawty, gotta jerk ya neck
Smokin' on tha best, we don't fuck wit dat mess
I bet you can't do it, do it, do it like this
Yeah I'm back to tha track, back to tha snap
1, 2 step, then you gotta lean back
Dis is how we do it in tha 'A town'
(and if you ain't know) this how it go down

[Hook: x2]

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt again
Fuckin with Lil' Jon and Sean Paul again
I saw you in the mall again
Jim Jones, Roy Jones come with me again
Fuckin with you niggaz made me strong again
Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and Slim Thugga made me popula
You ain't shit, crippin the flo' again
Shit nigga shut the hell and let me talk again
I gained a lot of respect of flippin' some fuckin birds again
Jim Jones hell no I ain't fuckin with you no mo'
Roy Jones hell no I ain't fuckin with you no mo'
Dynamite, kryptonite get some knives man
Mothafuckin dick ass nigga pull the trigga hurry up nigga
Willy Wooh Wigga is faster nigga shut up nigga do it nigga
Faster nigga fuck it up nigga be a bitch nigga snitch
Shit nigga shoot nigga fuck it up nigga
Pull it nigga hurry up nigga dumb ass nigga
Fuck it up man, fuck it up man
Shit nigga you ain't like my friend fuckin Stan man

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