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Loon - Between Us

feat. Tammy

(Tammy - *harmonizing*)

[Chorus - Tammy] - w/ ad libs
Nothing, nothing, can ever come between us
There's a reason why were still in love
Can't nobody ever break us up
They should know nothing, nothing

Can ever come between us
There's a reason why were still in love
Can't nobody ever break us up
They should know nothing, nothing

[Loon - talking over Chorus]
Uh yeah, can't nothin
Cause what we got
Uh, uh

[Verse 1 - Loon]
Yo, yo can't nothin come between me and my queen
Me and my team, me and my dreams of gettin this green
I went from flippin them things, cripplin triple beams
Dippin in different things, by any and all means
I seen lotta hatred, a lotta fake shit
But I knew, that me and you boo, we always make it
And we do, through stormy weather, through all endeavors
Through all vendettas, together it'll all be better
What's the sense of havin all this cheddar?
If a nigga can't spend winter, spring, summer, fall together
Ball forever, against the war whatever
But I'm the one that you can call whenever, I'm yours forever

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 2 - Loon]
Uh, now you was there when the guns was bustin
When the blood was rushin
Three shot, two dead, one concussion
Through it all you ain't want for nothin
I was on the hunt for nothin
Talkin full length, frontin for nothin
Chicks wanted give me dough for nothin
When I coulda been home or somethin
Watchin the tool, fresh food, bottle of 'oo
'Stead of standin on the block like I'm not in the mood
Have a nigga question how I even got with them dudes
When I know that I could always get it poppin with you
Me and you ain't nobody stoppin the two
A rock crock that's also for you
Whatever I could possibly do
I'm not a hater, I ain't knockin your crew
But they watchin my moves
Stoppin my boo to cock block and it's through
On top of that I'm like a popular dude
That's 'bout to pop in a few
But still to know ma, the topic is you

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Loon]
Uh yeah, aiyyo, things are lookin better now
Louie sweater now, gettin chedder now
Probably why I treat you better now
Soon as the snow fall you chinchilla down
Cat suits and leather now, chrome beretta now
Dice games I feel safe throwin cheddar down
Cause shorty be on points, especially when the Feds around
Stick up kid, front she wet a nigga down
Spit several rounds, your crown and shut a nigga down
Uptown where we first met, took our first step
Used to burst checks, I told you to stop, copped your first 'vette
Gave you incentive, lovin you relentless
To have another lover, it be senseless
Lovin under incense, back rub mami for instance
Public park lovin on benches, backyard grippin on fences
Hell with them wenches, you came through in your trenches, naked in trenches

[Chorus] - 2X - w/ ad libs (*w/out "nothing, nothing" at the start of the second time*)

[Outro - Tammy - singing]
Can, no, no, no, no
Can ever come between
You and me
Ew, baby yeah
Oh no, oh no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Oh no, ew (* fade*)

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