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Ludacris - End Of The Night

feat. Bobby Valentino

[Chorus: Bobby Valentino]
Baby I gotta get you up outta your clothes (your clothes) your clothes
It's all about the way you move
I just can't let it go (let it go) let it go
Baby you've got me open
Baby I just wanna make you mine
Ooh lalala (Ooh lalala)
Body ooh lalala

It's inevidable and incredible, listen
It's Luda
By the end of the night you gonna be wantin' to marry a nigga
Cuz I make 'em erupt like volcanos you just shake and you shiver
Get 'em up get down turn around and put your face in the pillow
Cut 'em up like Jason just face it that boy Luda's killer
Half man, half gorilla
Beatin' all on my chest
Pleasin' all of your flesh
Squeazin' all on your breasts
Givin' you reasons to rest
And ain't never say no to Papi
Wake 'em up like Folger's cuz I fold 'em like origami
Hey mami let's get it poppin' like Orville Redenbacher
The way you move once you've started nothin' can ever stop you
Sweeter than Betty Crocker
And I'm ready to belly flop you
Just mention to today but for now I forever got you


Verse two
It's like this
Gotta get 'em outta them clothes
If I throw a couple dollars then pose
We can drink a couple bottles and go
And ride off in the Impala on vogues and rolls
Gold is all on my neck
All on my wrist
So just let go of your ho
Don't hog her to death
Lend her to Cris
Just for a little while
For a little bit
Just wanna see her smile
And get the bigger fit
She said that you had a little dick
Now how in the hell can she benefit from something like that
I be up in that cat
Make her put a hump in that back, Black
I swing low in sweet chariots
Meet me at the Marriott
Key access I'll be at the very top
Don't hesitate to stop the elevator either
I'll show you the ups and downs
You'll be my elevator diva


All I need is a couple of hours, baby, for real
Come up outta that Proda, Chenille, Chole, Louie, and Gucci
Escota, D'Ore, Fendy that Misony and Juicy
Rockin' republic true religions and citizen's jeans
Your jimmy twos are so sexy but jeceppis is mean
Laperla lingerie your panties and bra are matchin'
Put down your clothes and I'll put you up on the latest fashions
Cuz with cameras and action
I'm a deadly assassin
I love your clothes but what's underneath I love with a passion


[Bobby Valentino:]
Don't leave your girl around me
Don't leave your girl around me
Don't leave your girl around me
True playa for real, for real, for real, for real [x2]

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