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Master Shortie - Have It Your Way

Have it you way... baby yeah
Yeah, I hate reading from the words...

Yeah used to be the best friend
Used to be the mate
Hanging round the west end 'til it got late
Female version of me yo it's fate
Pizza hut, root beer on the first date
We take it back to the 80s
You was my sister, I was your baby
Business lady, stevie j be fucking crazy
Sweet like souffle shaking on your bootay
B girl on the side, cool like lupe
No need for no groupie
Easily influenced but you're a cutie
You showed me the rope chain
You showed a the dream
I lied about my age cause I'm only 18
You think I've changed just like a figurine
I still rock bathing apes and skinny jeans

Girl, I never thought our friendship
Would ever end like this
After all this time
You carry on like I don't even exist
But you can have it your way baby yeah
Have it your way baby yeah

He said she said I said this
Please tell me the name
So they can join the list
Wait... is there something that I missed?
Due to tounge twist I take the piss?
Sit back, relax, it's time to reminisce
The highs, the lows, the hate, the bliss
The time we sat and nearly kissed
And now to you I don't exist?
Aight, believed your propaganda
Two faced lies and made up slander
Sweet when it's punch numbers like fanta
You broke off fridge and shot down your panda
Was I a brother from another mother?
Or did we have feelings for each other?
And the times we kept it under cover
Oh? ah... forget it


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