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Master Shortie - Nothing To Be Scared Of (Prince Charming)

Prince charming
Prince charming
Riducle is nothing to be scared of
Don't you ever, don't you ever
Stop being dandy
Showing me you're handsome

Let's go
Oh! it's your boi!
Master shortie
Uk? yeah, I'm ok

Back in the day I used to be
Scared of my own personality
But I left that back in the day
Just like my own childish mentality
I'm so fly, my left wing is conservative
Now all of a sudden
Is it cool to be alternative?
Rope chain swinging swinging
The gimmick is done
I was rockin retro when
You were putting them pradas on
Now you don't want your jeans sagging
You used to always be slagging
Jumpin' on my bandwagon


Yo, ha! my persona is charming
My whole style is alarming
I used to hide it back in the day
Like osama bin laden
I'm royalty so keep your distance
I don't need no trouble
I'm flying private jets
So need to enter the tunnel

You wanna overthrow me...
I'm already on the throne
Now they wanna know me
Now my swaggers on the road
And when I look at those
Fake friends and foes
I'm like you're a hater!


I really wanna let go
So that they let go
We got the sound on fire
In the electro
Rope chain why-o why-o

Prince charming
Is nothing to be scared of
I'm sweet the rapper can't be
Teared off
I'm doing my thing
With four finger nails
I think of myself instead of
Being the norm and
Need to conform
Bring in the horns
So we can perform
The track that we spit
They came from the lips
What is that smell? (I am the shit)
I'm never gonna change
Change like a chameleon
I'm taking it back
Back like a palestinian
Stereotypical brapp men
They walk with a limp and a mac 10
The chip on their shoulder
Ain't fattening
But they still from the ends
So I back them
Cause I'm the...


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