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Master Shortie - Why (Interlude)

Anger, angers an emotion that can turn to rage
My mind's been on that chapter
Felt impossible to turn the page
Caged, mind state left me irate
Seeing in a blind state with no sense of love
Visions of hate towards people who's imagination led them to create
The anticipation of devastation having my heart racing
Fair, see me in this placement
Enslaved, anxious, acting brave
Is this how I'm supposed to behave?
The days of seking knowledge in a cave
Man, do you understand? looking within, asking self

I wanted you to hear me out
There's just a few things
I want to talk about yeah
It's been on my mind for so long
And finally yeah it's coming now

I've been punished down so many times
I feel this is my last as I lay here fading
My memories have been invaded by my past
Rast. I've been beaten in the past
Have you ever had a particular feeling
In your stomach like it's empty and you need feeding
Whilst a preceding of beating is taking place
And people are screaming "allow it" just leave him he's bleeding
Just leave him. whilst watching another human being getting beaten for no reason
By the fact the he's achieving
I feel sad every day I can't let them no I'm grieving
I'm lying to myself, aka I'm decieving
Have you ever felt so alone?
You cried tears when you on your own
I'd rather hang myself then be alone
God take me away so I can feel at home
Come on

Ohh ohha!

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