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Masterminds - Liberty

[Chorus x2]
What's our frame of mind?
Master of mainstream disaster
And now that you know, no doubt you've been captured
Caught buy pay attention and we'll let your thougts roam free
The underground liberty

A high chance you'll get damaged in this life challenge
Though it's hard to manage like scales that are off balance
Ay yo niggas are nuts riding my phallus
They're trying to compare my rap ballads
While they're spittin' hot shit 'cause they toss salad
My people travel upstream like salmon
Got water flows powerfull like a firehose
Connect it to your stereo and feel the Water World hysteria take you over
Don't matter if you're drunk or sober
Got you entranced like Indian dancing cobra's
Our melodies are solar so you can see the light
Our only claim is we're the brightest
Don't want to be the nicest lyricist
'Cause thruthfully words are primitive
You get amped when we jump start your party and make you chant
I'll enhance your motion with electric shocks ferocious
It's trance music hypnosis
We're moving crows like water in front of Moses
You're wet before you notice
This workout like Tae-Bo aerobics
With punch lines and drum kicks and all sets get flipped
High and low decibels hit and whole crews get split in half
And no doubht you know the math

[Chorus x2]

You know the way the shit goes money for nothing and the chicks for free
But I swear sometimes when I be watching MTV
I'm catching visions of violence, sit in silence
For 120 minutes before I raised the black flag like Henry Rollins
Calling up to loveline "hello? Wel.."
I got a story to tell to do with they ky-gel
I speared Brittany in the back of a Caddy with 9 inches of meat
Talking on my cell phone to Puff Daddy at the Grammy's
Told him "Put me on the guestlist!"
Got backstage and hung Brandy with a rusty ass necklace
They went back for the street boys, I gut off the street noise
By breaking their necks on the floor like a B-boy
Then destroyed the whole program
Had a vision where the wizard was N'sync and I was Conan
I sliced 5 necks at the stem
Laced the mic with C-4 set to blow when Usher Raymond begin
Then stuck my Tim's in the white flabby ass of Marilyn Manson
Gave him a gat and had him bucking at Hanson
Now I'm phantom like the menace, whole crews get diminished
When I'm screaming out loud like No Limit
Present the best rap performance to me, R&B vocal
Hard rock, classical, and country
They're all mine, I'm sort of like the greatest all time
You're sweating me more then Jennifer Lo's behind
While I'm here player hating on most
Grandiose MC's I be turning your bread to burnt toast
With John Blaze shit the type to amze with
I rap tight like Africans packed up in a slave ship

[Chorus x2]

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