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Masters Of Illusion - Call The National Guard

[Motion Man]
Call the national guard
Uppity uppity uppity uppity uppity uppity uppity
Upchuckin it up
Spit a sick lateral pattern, and cover 'em up
cause my saliva venom off mandible, sticky to touch
Secretion burnin little kid spangers like {?} with no crutch
My defense similar to Mutumbo, I'm batting yo' stuff
Also mass for {?} retrieve barkin, I'm sandpaper rough
Slappin, attackin, subtractin rappers, backin 'em up
This hip-hop here, 400 rappers explainin yo' fear
My science redefining my art, throw combos at nature
Combinations bigger with handles like Anthony Mason
My hot style, Binaca and lighter, you want information
Runnin track, losin the quarter, it brought me frustration
But on these tracks, rappin 'em faster than NASCAR be racin
Partners pit, stoppin and droppin, they wrinkled like raisins
Sassy secret styles that I'm stashin on radio stations
Givin birth to masses of rappers to work at plantations
My sickness Alzheimer's for rhymers, forgot what I'm sayin
My repoitoire, ready and willing to wreck reputations
Man I'm comin at 'em, deadly at 'em
Kick in the do', swingin the fo'-oh
All you heard was Motion don't drink it no, mo'
Still be totin Old Gold, might pour it on cereal
Sewin lyrics together like ink is material
You walkin to fail, watch the landmine
I land my mind, all over the place kid, I'm past yo' time
Yo, right on yo' forehead kid I write my rhyme, backwards
Yo, so you can look in the mirror recite it, forwards
Yo, the lawnmower that clear cut it
Yo, blade is spinnin in yo' ear hear it
Yo, oscillating, clackty clackty clackty clackty clackty
Cuttin 'em up, like Kenny Garden projects in school
and I'm postin 'em up
No apple bring your teacher a 40 before you get flunked
Similarities to Chocolate Thunder, gorilla with dunks
That's Darrell Dawkins for you wannabe who fans of the month
You runnin bull, chase you and catch you and lasso you up
My assault blew up in your face before you can duck
I'm known for minutes of lyrics, lynch like Lennox to back you up
Travel like hitmen from mafia to sack you up
Post up like street corner salesmen disperse you up
And burn your life right, in the bond and then smoke you up
Back in my next life as 40 to keep you drunk
A message to the senator

"The illogicals are scared of Motion"
"Call the national guard"
"The illogicals are scared of Motion"
"MC's wanna battle, even they know they will die"
"The illogicals are scared of Motion"
"MC's wanna battle, even they know they will die"
"The illogicals are scared of Motion"
"MC's wanna battle, even they know they will die"

[scratching to fade]

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