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Masters Of Illusion - Masters Of Illusion

"Master of the mystic arts
In the name of the omnipotent Oshtor, I create you
And bid you watch, carefully"

[Chorus: x2]
[K] Masters of Illusion
[M] Stay focused (stay focused) stay focused (stay focused)
[M] Stay focused (stay focused)

[Kool Keith]
Rappers are weak, most of them belong to Romper Room
They talkin bla bla, baby stuff a lot of rah rah
I close my ears out, windows down, I don't hear 'em
Commercial raps turn pop, two years they get dropped
Stop makin facts, factories stop they vinyl wax
That's on the pressin plant, break 'em down, to a compound
Most of these acts get tough while labels hate they buttcrack
Rip out your rectum, your spinal cord, I dissect 'em
Stop your limit, your style old like Dodge Plymouth
Chevrolet, Cabrolet, your mic sounds in the hallway
Groovin you looped it, you start to write, you sound stupid
Your engineerin level, bass and kicks sound like treble
Mix on your Tascam boards, yo Keith extension cord
You're no comp for me, your corny style smell like pee pee
I ride the C-C, while girls on the train beep me
Pump up my pager, models move, style major
Workin that stage back and forth like we Chuck and Flavor
Rapamatic automatic, erratic fanatic
Fantastic measure, for your rappin pleasure (oh yeah)

[Chorus x1.5]

[Motion Man]
I'm kind of like a {?} in the field
Niggaz gotta jump or move, or shake around
Either way they got to yield
How you gonna rap and sport a 'Ville
You walkin in the middle of a store
I cock back smack the backside of your mug
Attack and leave your ass deformed
R. Kelly believe when I perform
I'm givin you what you need to field
That funk that comes around the backside of your head
Now orbitin for real
I'm off that bomb from East bay
That smoke that'll {?} five
But I take twenty sacks straight to the head, so here's my 45
Y'all know that Motion Man is live, and I'm about to make a switch
On it like a Satchel Paige pitch
My amazement will amaze them and truly daze them
Drug 'em like a fix, or maybe I'll drag 'em like a race
I don't talk behind their back
Attack 'em on the back and bring it to their face
I'm down to make {?} in the race, MC's pull up limpin
So far, no rap star, will match my lyric bazaar
I'm so crazy conceited, rhymin 12 years with no money
Yo kid check it I'm heated, all y'all niggaz blades of grass
While I'm Lawnmower Man, crankin up with a full tank of gas
Pbbbbt, clearin the field

[Chorus x1.5]

"I have seen too much"

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