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Masters Of Illusion - Step Up

[Kool Keith]
[Milk Dee:] "step up, step - up"
Got Motion Man in the house
"step, step up, step - up"
We got Kool Keith in the house
"step, ss-step, step up, step - up"
Right here we gettin ready to do this
"step, sstep"
Let's step through this
"step up if you wanna get hurt"

[Motion Man]
My shit is Ironman magazine built, flip through the pages
See my lyrics straight posin on cycles, they flex the looks
I'm black coffee for you non-morning people, feel my Joe
Lock it down, slippin tight in a bow, don't press the issue
My shit is out here, water partner you tissue
Deep back in that Cadillac, I'm pullin heat from under the seats
I drive a garbage truck for trash talkin, {?}, alleyway, stray cats
I toss you in the back and drop you off at the dump
I'm comin out, aerobic mailman, the shape you drop you writ in lettuce
My sack is full and my delivery is John Stockton
You rent your looks, you left your rest fly and came back busted
Reviewing applications, everybody's fired
Lyrics kinetic let it set it embedded
Up in they head is baldheaded dreaded afros get wetted, when I met her
Take fate, today's date, I'm out to just D great
I'm headed for the papers and shredded, currency yo
My edit mastered down and it's loaded, leave you bloated
More filling great taste in your belly, new connection
Next level, takin over all sections, one direction
I got a daughter out here half Mexican, she need to eat
Back up off the mic and pull up your Underoos, I ain't no pedophile
The street lights, get yo' ass home, I'm on yo' hyde is chapped
They love it when I'm checkin these raps

"step up if you wanna get hurt.."
["step up" - scratched repeatedly]
"step up if you wanna get hurt.."
["step up" - scratched repeatedly]
"step up if you wanna get hurt.."

[Kool Keith]
Yo, I see rap now, it's all scam and marketin
Promotion budget, you frontin, you drive a bucket
Got your laminates from baldheaded Jack the Rapper
You ain't no rapper, actin like you Micky Jagger
You out there riffin, I'm makin calls to Gene Griffin
Impact avengeance, female rappers with extensions
Sewin they wig skullcaps, tryin to cover naps
P's in the back of they beanie, a rented Lamborghini
You frontin hard on BET, tryin to eat linguini
You ain't Italian, with 6 carat your fake medallions
Frontin ass homo, rap style can't flow slow
Money for stickers, burn the kids who drew your first logo
Be duckin royalties, sabotage, wack MC's
Your facilities, on 4 track, when you record
You never walk away with tights and a rap reward
No matter how complex, you try to make the equation
I light a match and throw it at you at a gas station
Open yo' can up, and bake yo' left mic hand up
You wanna stand up, you married boy, bring your man up
You got the wedgie, your thong showin, lookin edgy

["step up" - scratched repeatedly]
"step up if you wanna get hurt.."
["step up" - scratched repeatedly]
"step up if you wanna get hurt.."

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