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Mateo - Human

[VERSE 1:]
Can I live, Can I breathe.
Or make mistakes so senselessly
Am I far from redemption
Cause I don't love you perfectly

Cause it's human law
That everyone falls
That's where I go wrong

Like clouds in the sky
Some men do cry
Just look in my eyes

If you look at me a little bit deeper
And see that I need you to understand who I am
Put your faith in me babe
Even though it's hard to believe

I'm so human, so damn human
Every time I try to keep you satisfied
You fail to realize
I'm so human, too damn human
But everyday I try to be a better man
I hope you understand... yeah

[VERSE 2:]
Call me broke, call me selfish
Because my lucks just hit or miss
Or are my dreams less ambitious
Because I live life simply

Cause it's cupids law
That we all have flaws
But love conquers all

So there is no use
To point and accuse
We all got issues



What do you want from me
A thousand apologies
For all that I say and do

Why can't I gain your trust
Is my love not enough
To make up for my mistakes

But I try honestly
To give you the best of me
Though I know it's hard sometimes
Baby look inside... OOOHH


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