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Mathematics - ... On Da Radio (Skit)

feat. Ghostface Killah

[Intro: Mathematics (Ghostface Killah)]
Ain't never fuckin' shit on here
Damn, the radio play the same shit every day
Some ol' muthafuckin' bullshit
(Yeah.... stay the fuck off my plantation
Yeah... Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang.... yo, yo, yo)

[Ghostface Killah]
Back on the block, smuggling rocks
Rocky graveyard rocks, one chain, fiendin' on the block
I'm fed up, dunn, trynna keep my head up, word up, pa
Sue to get this money, live out, my name God, word life, right
Gats come a dime a dozen, what up cousin?
Guess who got loose on these thugs again
Murder was the topic, manslaughter his little daughter
Had a hundred grand, actin' like Rich Porter
For real kid, remember daffy did the bid
Bought sand, but first he ran up in his dreads quick
Stepped off, bought a phat loft, this thing must of worked
Cuz that white bitch he fucked, got an Ultima
Word up, word up, cat, can't call it pa
Yo Shallah, light up the owl, let's go crowd, pa
So we did it, weeded out, the skit ran
Dedicated to winners and losers, and then, kid
Fuck it, threw on the black thing, grabbed the mac
I'm going out like Rambo, Rae count the grams, slow
Scheemin', dreaming for CREAM, fiend beamin'
Plush eyed Steven, sniffin' rat poison, half ass breathing
Wait, can't tolerate the smell on the fifth floor
Ricans got it locked it down, son, light the choc'
Sure, we lit it, fat Pam gotta be home soon
Butt naked, faggot ass dred, in a back room
Approached him, through out the toast, snatched the jewel notes
Asked him where's his African man, before his brain throws
Against the wall, guess who came out the door, ya'll
Downlow, that TNT cop, kill 'em now, ya'll
Shots rained for sure, fiends hit the floor
Crack pipes, Playboy books, and vouch galore
African kid bounced, cop lost his cape
Chef got blazed and Ghost lost a leg

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