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Mathematics - C What I C

feat. Eyeslow, T-Slugz

[Intro: Eyeslow]
Tell 'em what you see, Slugz

I see fellas shootin' cracks, near the stoupe
Old man sellin' fruit, out the trunk of his hoop
Old lady singin' the blues, young mother stop
Watch as a baby boy tie his shoes
White cops on the corner, with fire in they eyes
Can't wait to see a black man die, family cries
Girls jumpin' double dutch, shorty's playin' hopskotch
Grown folks get drunk, O.G.'s sellin' pot
Mr. Softy's outside on days when it get hot
Crowd circle around victims, every time they get shot
Young g's, playin' skelly, waxin' they tops
Teenage dudes run around with cracks in they socks
Twin building born and raised, fat ass with good grades
Sleep in the back of the staircase blazed
Drinkin' Olde E. in the fifth grade, cuts until you know me
On the rooftop, where I bust my first pistoly
Skelly for money was the shit, packin' bags in the back store
Trynna get rich off tips
Used to play baseball cards, 7/11, American eagle
Wresting, for them cardboard belts
Through the end, god rest the dead
Tell the jokes in the lobby, slapboxing was the young g's hobby
Hear guns pop, everybody run and pick a spot to watch
Come back when the body drop, and see who got shot
D's blitz, we vacate the block
The last man's, usually the first man to get got
Eleven o'clock curfew, out to late, answer to moms
Not pops, pops live with his moms
Word is bond was the new slang, then they came up with 'da bomb'
Who would of known it would define this charm
That are totin' right now, to reminisce this song
To put your feet in the boots, of a new born don, it's on

[Interlude: Eyeslow]
Uh - yo, let me tell you what I see

I see the brain dead 'caine heads
Dope addicts with 'matics that'll body something
Just to get a dame fed, dealers trynna raise bread
For new rides, could end up in jail stuck
With no bail money, inside, for real money, it's live
I live where they snatch cables, and turn
Corner bodegas, until crack tables
Ex-gangstas, rich money, through rap labels
I'm watchin' as the world collapse fatal
I'm seeing, for dependants on the tax return
For one single long stress, though the cash concern
Billy stable from the cash he earned
But her baby daddy, see his four kids as his last concern
Dog -- I see the scam, behind the scam, pause in Iraq for terrorism
What's the plan behind the plan, fuck the President
It's time to ask the man behind the man
My niggaz pay dues in advance, I remember my first day of school
As I sit back still, think about my Pre-K days with Miss MacNeel
Linin' up in size order, acid wash jeans
Arcade Mario, before the Macintosh screens
That was back in our scene, dope cotoroids
Yellow Pat Ewing kicks, match the old coloroids
Bills have me so annoyed, first love dumped in sixth grade
She had a thing for the older boys, I remember my first high
Puffin' the L, using three different colognes to cover the smell
Conversatin' with my mom dukes, blunted as hell
She seen through my red eyes, I was under the spell
Ain't nothing like the good ol' days, like the first gun I clutch
First nut I bust, caught her at the double dutch
Pre-school, summer lunch, milk was stale
Yo, my first sale landed me my first time in jail
As a youth, shit was real

Feel what I feel, see what I see
Put yourselves in my shoes, take a walk with me
Where the thugs clack pistols, off police
Side arms, scorch niggaz to the fourth degree
O.G.'s doing shit, they get a '85
Back then where hustlin' was like a cup of tea
How you want the glock pumped in that 43
Workin' your mail box, no building key
No scat to the thing, get your enemies
This the new millennium, get on your j.o.b
If you see what I see, be where I be
Degrees, that it's living like refugees
And the hood's get boring, only thing to do is smoke trees
And walk through the revolving door
Every day the same thing, only thing different is that
You might take another route to the stores
See a thug on the floor, holding his jaw
For fights, the cat, who bustin' gats southpaw
Top of his dome looking like coleslaw
They left him in the park, under the sliding board
DT's walking around and they asking questions
Never get no answers, we know our lessons
Baby moms stressin', cause I come home late
She don't understand that I got moves to make
Trynna get us out this hood, ma, I change your fate
Cause I don't wanna fall victim to my own mistakes
Been to too many funerals, too many wakes
I cried, my last cry, trynna clean my slate
Still watchin' all the snakes, and the playas who hate
Violate and get ate, like a piece of cake
Take a walk where the hustlas lay, on the grind all day
Hooded DT's, a block away
Cause the kid's gotta eat, and it's bills to pay
Grown men beggin' family for a place to say
Now these teenage girls livin' life as a pie
Cry inside, cause outside they livin' alive
Take a walk where the gangstas die, now the candles act
Shit lit up like the fourth of july
Every week it's a new obituary in the lobby
And the memory of somebody who got bodied
Niggaz rollin' dice in front of the building
And serving the fiends dreams, in front of the children
Hood life is the only life we know
Unless this rap shit pop where we all could blow, whoa

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