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Mathematics - Coach Talk

feat. Bald Head, Starr

[Intro: Bald Head]
Haha, yeah..
See man? Playas, man
That's how it is, can't stop, knowhatimean
I mean feel me, man, feel where I'm comin' from, bro

[Chorus x2: Bald Head]
Mami, dancin' on my lap, tell me can you feel that?
We can get up out of here, I got somewhere to chill at
Rims on the Cadillac, go round and round
Round - that's that coach talk

[Bald Head]
Heard ya'll niggaz love to smoke and shit, get ya head right
Ladies you can roll with me, I break day light
Holla in the afternoon, crush on the latenight
Playas, thugs, pimps -- they don't play right
I coach and I stroke my chicks, never play fight
That's heavy, you can quote the kid, nothing to take life
Jealous, you hate the kid, well you can stay tight
Or focus, seein' it dog, I never lose sight
I move around, so I booked a few flights (yup)
Met two chicks that fuck with two dikes
Got 'em from the airport, it's on for two nights
They always catch feelings, guess it's just life
I always cut 'em off, guess I'm just trife
And I never call back, guess it's just phife
That got me fucked up, dog, you know this ain't right
Too many ladies on my - whew - so I'm lovin' them right, uh-huh

[Chorus x2]

[Bald Head (Starr)]
(Where them dollas at?) Mah, you ain't built for that
We on another level, (boo, I'll take you higher than that
I take you to a place you ain't never seen before)
Shorty, you talk slick, let the kid, hear more
(I'm like a diamond in the rough, some said, I talk tough
They be like, we're the novelty, callin' you bluff)
I'm like a buggy eye, ride with class and talk thug talk
Live the street life, the new king of New York
(I like your style, white tee, rocked over your wife beat')
I like my girl fiesty, every night she let me beat it
(But it's not like me, to tie down or be a wifey)
But it's not like me to tie down, but if you like me
We can swing an ep', just don't bring your friends
Cause you know how they act, when they see that Benz
(What you mean my friends) Yeah (See I roll for self
I got a got a coupe for two, I do mine for stealth) come on

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Bald Head]
You know what I mean? Just coaches baby, that's it man
24/7 man, 365 man, that's that coach talk, man
Get it together man, Brooklyn, man, Mathematics, man
Starr, man, Bald Head, man, it's the coach talkin' nigga
It's the coach talking, nigga.. you know I'm being a player, baby
Yeah, it's that coach talking, nigga... it's that coach talking, nigga

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