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Mathematics - Da Way We Were

[Chorus: Mathematics]
It was the good life, we rolled dice, with not much, but hung tough
With grandmas, and grandpas, my Old Earth, my great pops
With hustlers that hustled and pimps that played
And O.G.'s that never played, Mac ten's that sprayed
From park jams and projects, parades lead to forty
Southside seventeen, Sufton bully shorties
Seven crowns, one eighteen, the Gods we get down
Lakeweed to Inwood, it's all good, it's my town

Back in the days: New Birth, Chi-Lites and O'Jays
Sang the roots, they hit the stage, they hit the stage
They hit the stage, they hit the stage
It was set in a mack and mo'
Yellow Caddy, roof down, deckin' slow mo
Grim hat to the side, feather in it
Burgundy, pimpin' on a stroll for a minute, now
How you doin' this morning, Miss Johnson?
She's crouchin', snatchin' up the weeds from out her garden
I beg your pardon, and catch you down at the pool hall
Where we can play a game, smoke a tray and drink some alcohol
Placin' numbers, catch each one as they sprintin'
And printin', numbers in there heads like it's printed
Fur coats, minks, and canes, pops givin' me
Shots on the low, moms blastin' Al Green
"I'm Still In Love With You", Kool-Aid, hot grits
New skits, fist fights, black-eyes and fat lips
Gangs with chains and motorcycles, family rivals
You fight one, you fight all, if have too
Afro's and picks, chicks double dutch
They young, they cry "Black & Strong" as they strut
No more, we shall overcome, they overcame
A Black Panther, black liberation army and
Brothers, who fought to hold the grain
Sisters who bare these pains so there seeds could break these chains
Brain music: Curtis, Marvin and Teddy
The Temptations, plus The Sweet Inspirations


Ladies sung the blues, Smokey hit the high notes
Coolie High lost Cochise a while ago
It's been a long time coming
Funny how things changed, Superfly Priest just left the game
Cotton came to Harlem, last weekend
It's peeking, fiends around nottin', creepkin' and sleakin'
Eyes the sice of watermelons, grits the size of fists
Searchin' for the next fame to stick
Slick daddy with the heroin, dust if you must
Herb, free basic, you lust
Goalie left his hoes on the stroll, dipped on the low
Stabbed Pretty Tone and watched him blow
James died in a car crash, J.J. felt the blast
Penny got furnished beneath the cast
Who seen our moms, last, baby, I'm back though
What's Happening? Baretta's on the block with the four-four
Him and Kojak fuckin' with Lamont and Rollo
Some things never change, son, maybe tomorrow
Or the day after, another chapter
Wishin', aww shit, Huggy Bear, fuckin' snitchin'
Chop his throat with them razors they be tuckin'
That's for talkin', they hung his tongue and kept walkin'
And headed down to the Bar Lounge
To hear some soulful sounds, and drown a few rounds

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Mathematics]
What, nigga, what...

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